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Drake Net Worth

How Rich Is Drake

Drake net worth: Aubrey Drake Graham is a rapper with a net worth of $183 million dollars.  Here are 10 things every Drake fan should know.

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1. Drake was born on October 24, 1986 in Toronto, Ontario.  His dad is African American and worked as a drummer for a country singer.  His mom is Jewish Canadian and worked as an English teacher and florist.  They divorced when Drake was five.  Because of his racial and religious background, Drake was often bullied in school.

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2. Drake dropped out of school to pursue acting.  He would later return and graduate in October of 2012.

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3. Drake played basketball star Jimmy Brooks in the teen drama TV series Degrassi.  He left the show in 2007 after dropping his mixtape Room for Improvement.

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4. Jas Prince, son of legendary label founder James J. Prince, discovered Drake on MySpace.  Since Jas was friends with Lil Wayne, he played him a few of Drake’s songs.  Lil Wayne was not impressed, but Jas stayed persistent.  Eventually he played Wayne Drake’s remix of “A Milli” (which was Lil Wayne’s song) and that got Wayne’s attention.  They flew Drake out to meet with them the next day, and that was the beginning of Drake.

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5. Drake released his first solo album, Thank me Later, in 2010.  It debuted at number one and would eventually go platinum.  He’s been topping charts, collecting accolades and making millions through his music ever since.

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6. OVO began as a little-known website Drake had created to highlight Toronto’s music scene, but he’s now built it into a legitimate lifestyle brand with its own clothing line, record label, music festival and more.

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7. Drake has his own whiskey called Virginia Black.  It set a single day sales record, moving 1,779 bottles the first day it was launched.

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8. Drake is the Global Ambassador to his hometown NBA team, the Toronto Raptors.

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9. Drake lives in a mansion in Hidden Hills, California.  He also owns property in Toronto, as well as a Boeing 767 airplane—worth $185 million dollars—dubbed “Air Drake.”  It was actually a gift from Canadian airline, Cargojet, who figured the publicity, alone, would pay for itself.

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10. On his Scorpion album, Drake confirmed swirling rumors that he had had a son (named Adonis) with French artist Sophie Brussaux.

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