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42 Dugg Net Worth

How Rich Is 42 Dugg

42 Dugg net worth: Dion Hayes, known as 42 Dugg, is a rapper with a net worth of $2 million dollars.  Here are 10 things every 42 Dugg fan oughta know.

42 Dugg Ghetto

1. 42 Dugg was born on November 25, 1993 in Detroit, Michigan.  He grew up listening to Jeezy, Yo Gotti and of course, fellow Detroit rapper and arguably the GOAT, Mr. Marshall Mathers.

42 Dugg Curtain

2. 42 Dugg first began rapping while in jail.  He served six years in total.  But it wasn’t until year four, when he got sent to “the hole,” and literally had nothing else to do, that he started writing rhymes.  Completely cut off from everyone and everything, 42 Dugg is about as self-taught as it gets.

42 Dugg Rolls Royce

3. Lil Baby discovered 42 Dugg and the two of them bonded over their love of gambling.  They often went head-to-head in a dice rolling game called Cee-lo.  But after losing multiple six figures to Lil Baby, 42 Dugg had to pump the brakes on that.

42 Dugg Parking Garage

4. Yo Gotti, who owns the Collective Music Group record label, eventually learned about 42 Dugg through Lil Baby.  And, in March of 2019, Gotti brought 42 Dugg onstage during a Meek Mill concert in Detroit, and handed him a new chain in front of Dugg’s hometown crowd.  This made it official: 42 Dugg was the latest addition to CMG, by way of Lil Baby’s 4 Pockets Full label.

42 Dugg New Album

5. What does 42 Dugg stand for?  Well, as a kid, Dion’s grandma used to call him Duggar, which eventually got shortened to Dugg.  And 42 (pronounced four-two, not forty-two) is the neighborhood he grew up in.  Hence 42 Dugg.

42 Dugg Club

6. 42 Dugg used to write down all of his lyrics, but he just freestyles today; and when he comes up with something he likes, he’ll find a beat that fits the words.  If he’s in his zone, 42 Dugg says he can knock out a new song in about 20 minutes.  If he’s not feeling it, it could take two to three hours.

42 Dugg Money

7. 42 Dugg credits Eminem with inspiring him to “go deep” in his lyrics and share not just the good stuff, but also the vulnerable, painful parts of his life.  For that very reason, he calls “Stan” one of the best songs ever made.

42 Dugg Night

8. 42 Dugg estimates he has already spent more than a quarter million dollars on chains and watches.  He got his “42” chain after seeing Savage’s “21” pendant.

42 Dugg Building

9. “How tall are you?” is 42 Dugg’s least favorite question.  The answer, he jokes, depends on what kind of day he’s having.  He may exaggerate and say five-two or even five-three, but five-one-and-a-half is the truth.

42 Dugg Green Hoodie

10. The best advice 42 Dugg’s ever gotten?  “Stay focused.  They [Yo Gotti and Lil Baby] always just tell me, ‘Bro, just rap.  You’re a rapper now.  Just focus on rapping,'” he told Billboard.  And now that he’s making exponentially more with music than he did in the streets, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to heed that advice and leave his old ways behind.

42 Dugg Profile

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