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The Elevation Group Reviews (Brian Fouts)


In a new YouTube ad, Brian Fouts, owner of The Elevation Group, says there’s $68 trillion dollars up for grabs in the next 12 months.

“Since 2010, we’ve helped thousands of people unplug from the commercial banking system and become their own bank, just like the super rich do,” he begins.

“Now that $68 trillion? It’s not what you think it is. That money is coming from the conventional investing systems: stocks, 401(k)s, bonds… and it is going to banks, including ours,” he continues.

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“So what I wanna do is invite you to a free online masterclass that I put together, where I’m gonna actually show you how to simply copy what the super rich, myself, and our entire community here at The Elevation Group, are all doing.”

And, apparently, if you stay till the very end of the training, you’ll get an audiobook, titled The Bank of You, absolutely free.

“But here’s the short version,” Brian continues, “billionaires and bankers, they don’t just survive economic meltdowns (like the one that we are about to experience, by the way), but they get 100 times richer because of them.”

Of course, he says his free audiobook is the fastest and easiest way to learn their secrets so you can join them.

“Look, I’ve been where you’re at. It’s no fun. Uncertainty in times of volatility is everyone’s worst nightmare. But here at the EVG (The Elevation Group, that is), we don’t have uncertainty.”

“Because when you are your own bank—when you have the same self-banking setups as the super rich—everything is certain and everything is guaranteed,” Brian explains.

Then he turns up the hype dial, saying how this masterclass will position you to build generational wealth during this supposed upcoming market crash—and you don’t need any money to take advantage.

Apparently, from the comfort of your own home, using nothing more than your iPhone, Brian’s gonna show ya how to use other people’s money to invest in assets that are going to explode over the course of the next year.

And then you’re gonna sit back, relax, and enjoy job-replacing income, even as the market tanks.

Brian Fouts Reviews

Umm, yeah. Here’s the point where I tap out. (*Clicks “Skip Ads” and gets back to his “How to do a pistol squat for beginners” video. What? At least I don’t skip leg day.)

I just can’t stand when marketers act like marketers.

  • “I just wanna give back. That’s the only reason I’m sharing this info with you.”
  • “You won’t hear this stuff anywhere else in the world.”
  • “There’s nothing to buy; no strings attached.”
  • “The get-rich-quick gurus… that are crawling all over the internet… like cockroaches? Are clowns. But you can totally trust me.”
  • “Space is limited. Act now or you might miss out.”

Sure, Bri. We believe ya. Or wait. Aren’t you just a failed real estate investor who bought The Elevation Group for pennies on the dollar after the original owner (Mr. MLM himself, Mike Dillard) got sued for scamming its members?

If so, is it safe to assume you became a millionaire by selling “how to become a millionaire” programs?

And if that’s true, what can you possibly teach me about what the world’s wealthiest are doing, especially if, as you said yourself, nobody’s talking about this anywhere in the world?

Let me guess: you read some books and compiled the CliffsNotes into a course that has a “total value” of $13,976, but today only, I can get it for one easy investment of $2,497? Sound about right?

I am hereby unable to can.

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