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Elite CEOs Reviews (Tanner Chidester)

Elite CEOs YouTube Ad

Elite CEOs founder Tanner Chidester, in his latest YouTube ad, starts off: “So, a few years ago, I realized that I didn’t wanna continue to do a 9-to-5 job.”

“So I left and I started trying to build a business. I failed miserably over the first two years. I only made $2,000,” he continued.

“And I was payin’ a buncha people money and it wasn’t workin’ until finally I created a system that literally increased my application rate by over 50% and created a funnel that fed me clients and made me large amounts of money over and over again,” he recalls.

“So not only could I help them, but I could build the dream lifestyle that I wanted,” he adds, as the video cuts to a clip of him jet skiing with some hot chick à la Tai Lopez.

“If you’re someone who’s sick of the 9-to-5 grind; you’re sick of living paycheck to paycheck; you’re sick of not having the type of life you want; you’re sick of not being able to help people in the fashion you want… this is an opportunity for you to take what you want and what you love and mix ’em together and make a lot of money doing so,” he says, before telling you to click the button.

So I did. And, the deeper I dug through Tanner Chidester’s Elite CEOs Mastermind offer, the more skeptical I became. I’ll share my three biggest concerns below.

Tanner Chidester Cost

1. First and foremost, what size is that shirt? A schmedium? I bet they had to cut him outta that outfit after he finished filming. Just teasin’. If I had Tanner’s physique, I’d probably dress the same way. Dude’s got the kinda body to turn a guy gay.

2. Okay, on a serious note, Tanner claims, in that video, that he has “thousands and thousands and thousands of clients making millions of dollars through his system.” Yet, when I looked at the social proof on his page, something didn’t add up.

Tanner Chidester Scam

How would a post that’s more than a day old have zero comments and only 15 reactions? (One of which is from Tanner, himself, and the blacked out one, I’m guessing, is from someone else on his team, which makes it even worse.) Like, where are those thousands and thousands and thousands of clients he mentioned? Shouldn’t there by a smidge more interaction than that?

EliteCEOs Review Skeptic

And, in this walkthrough video, as you can see (though you might have to zoom in), there are only, what, a little over 300 members in all of his courses combined? I’m sure he’s added some since then, but still. That’s a long ways from the thousands and thousands and thousands of clients he said he’d already accrued by that point.

Tanner Chidester Net Worth

Here’s another one. All of those bullet points are hard to believe given the not-so-social “proof” I’m seeing over on EliteCEOs.com. But let’s take the last one. Tanner built an EIGHT-figure online coaching business? Really? With only 32 members (at the time of writing this)? Riiight.

Is it just me, or does it feel like Tanner decided “fake it till you make it” was the only real way he was gonna pop off? And now, he’s scrambling to make reality catch up to his claims before anyone notices? (Just my opinion.)

3. Tanner Chidester says the way you pick the right coach is simple: they have to be making over $1 million dollars a month and they have to provide one-on-one support. Lucky for you, Tanner does both. Or so he says.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’d need to see a tax return from last year before I just blindly take this hype machine at his word.

Also, the one-on-one support, if you read his fine print, is done with Tanner’s team. In other words, people making, what, a couple grand a month to support his FB group? AKA not million-dollar-a-month earners. Whoop-de-doo.

To conclude this Elite CEOs review, if you can call it that, Tanner’s entire pitch was basically, “I make over a million dollars a month, have ‘thousands and thousands and thousands of clients’ and offer one-on-one support.”

For these reasons, you should apply for his mastermind. Which likely costs north of $10,000.

But there is no proof of his own personal income. And, hidden in plain sight, is evidence that he does not have anywhere near the number of big ticket buyers he led us to believe he had at the time of filming his promotional content. And what difference does individual support make if it’s just from his worker bees?

By now, as I said earlier, sure, maybe his numbers have started to catch up to his claims. With the amount of ads he’s running on YouTube and Facebook and Google display, no doubt things are heating up. Tanner Chidester is likely a millionaire.

But it’s his origin story that doesn’t sit well with me. Did Tanner fake his way to big bucks? If so, and assuming you’re not willing to go that route, does he really know how to help you reach your tipping point? You tell me.

Or, perhaps you should look into something a bit more practical. Like, oh I dunno, this:

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