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Eminem Net Worth

How Rich Is Eminem

Eminem net worth: Eminem is a rapper with a net worth of $237 million dollars.  Here are 10 surprising Slim Shady facts.

Slim Shady Middle Fingers

1. Em was born on October 17, 1972, after a three day labor that nearly killed his mom.

Em On Stage

2. His parents had a band—named Daddy Warbucks—that played at skeevy motels in Montana, as well as North and South Dakota.

Marshall Mathers Red Sweats

3. As a kid, Em was a loner.  He got bullied and beat up regularly.  And his dream was to become a comic book artist.

Eminem All Black

4. Due to cutting class and piss-poor grades, Em repeated ninth grade three times… before dropping out completely at age 17.

Eminem Rooftop

5. Kimberly Anne Scott (aka “Kim”) was a runaway who Em’s mom let live with them.  She became a two-time ex-wife to Mr. Marshall Mathers, who sang about their whirlwind relationship throughout many-a-song.

Eminem Gray Sweatpants

6. Em worked several jobs to help his trashy mother pay the bills.  She’d spend most of his checks and still ended up kicking him out.  His work ethic was always solid.  After he and Kim had Hailie, he washed dishes for minimum wage upwards of 60 hours a week!

Em Pointing Crowd

7. Eminem’s rap career was going nowhere till he created his dark, twisted, violent alter ego: Slim Shady.

Marshall Pumping Crowd

8. Em, fresh outta f*cks after getting evicted from his home, flew to LA in 1997 to compete in the Rap Olympics.  He got second.  Someone in the crowd—who worked at Interscope—told Jimmy Iovine about him.  So Jimmy played Em’s tape for Dr. Dre; and Dre was all, “Find him.  Now!”  (And my ears have been pickled tink ever since.)

Mic Tattoo Eminem

9. Let’s talk drug addiction.  At the height of his pill poppin’, he’d take upwards of 50 Valium and 30 Vicodin a day!  Not only that, but he ballooned to 230 pounds, frequenting fast food chains and shovin’ greasy garbage down his gullet while onlookers wondered if it was really him.  Then, get this, when Eminem finally got sober, Elton John of all people, would call him once a week to make sure he was staying sober.  Crazy.

Eminem With Elton John Backstage

10. He’s got an autobiography (who knew?) called The Way I Am, which I’m ordering now.

Net Worth Of Eminem

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