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Ecommerce Empire Builders Review, Cost (Peter Pru)


“Stop, I wanna show you something really really cool real quick,” says Peter Pru in an uncomfortably close up YouTube ad.

“So I just launched a brand new business yesterday—it took me an hour to build this business—and it did over $100 in sales after I built it, within 30 minutes, and then the following day, today, so far, it’s done over $124 in sales.”

“Now this business is just in its infancy. It’s already done over $260. And I’m gonna show you exactly how we’re doing it.”

“I’ve been flown out to Tai Lopez’s house to share this with his audience; I’ve been featured in Forbes, BuzzFeed, Entrepreneur—showing them exactly how I do it,” he adds, sounding like he’s reading straight outta the Dumb Sh*t Gurus Do To Mislead People playbook.

“And I’ve also got this cool little ClickFunnels Two Comma Club plaque for earning over seven figures in my ecommerce businesses using this same exact strategy that I wanna share with you.”

Blah, blah, sign up for my free webclass, blah, blah, amazing value, blah blah, hope to see you there.

Peter Pru’s painfully long webinar

Peter Pru Reviews

I suffered through his webinar so you don’t have to. Here’s everything I hated about Peter’s pitch.

He began by saying that he’s given this exact presentation at Forbes. (*Achoo, bullsh*t!)

He says this isn’t the type of business where you can click a few times and get rich. Yet, minutes later, he says you’ll be able to learn, launch and scale this in less than 60-minutes a day.

He doesn’t shut up about his backstory. Yeah, we get it dude. You didn’t wanna work in a cubicle for the next 40 years. Join the club.

His “big aha” was internet marketing 101: send people through a sales funnel. Frank Kern was teaching this when Peter was still in Pull-Ups.

He claims the only reason he began selling courses is because everyone was asking him for his help. And then a lightbulb went off: “I could really make an impact here!” (So wholesome, that guy. And here I thought he just wanted to make more money.)

He swings from Russell Brunson’s ballsack: Peter’s got a “club system” just like Captain ClickFunnels. He sends out silly trophies when students hit $10k, $50k, etc. All this does is result in a bunch of bogus income claims from thirsty students who’ll do anything for recognition—which Peter will happily screenshot and use to sell even more copies of his program.

The only one building an empire here is Peter Pru

Peter Pru ClickFunnels

He’s constantly pretending the webinar is being done live, even though you could sign up for it every 15-minutes all day, every day: “Gimme a ‘heck yes’ in the comments section if you’re seeing how powerful these funnels are.”

Way too long. It was 90-minutes, but it felt like 90 days.

After an eternity, he finally got around to the offer.

Ecommerce Empire Academy is a seven-module, step-by-step training, designed to show you how to launch and grow your ecommerce business in under one hour a day.

The regular cost is $1,997. However, as you might’ve guessed, if you “act now,” there’s a substantial discount: you can get in for a single payment of $997 or two installments of $597.

You’re backed by a 30-day “double your money back” guarantee, which sounds great, but if you read the fine print, there’s some hoops you’d have to jump through in order to qualify.

If his whole campaign wasn’t based on a lie (“Forbes and Entrepreneur just had to write about me because I’m so amazing”), I would’ve gone much easier on him. You paid for those mentions and you know it, Peter.

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