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Don’t Forget To Make Some Enemies

Make Enemies Online

I’ve talked before about how to make people like you.  A good thing to know.  Right?

But here’s the asterisk: you also have to know how to make people despise you.

Simply because, what army of advocates will march with you if no enemy exists?

One requires the other… or it’s pointless.  Kinda like pubic hair.


A good goal, in business, is 50/50 – half love, half hate.  But it’s tempting to ignore this, isn’t it?

Like: most of us wanna make enemies like we want a group of murderous clowns hiding in our basement.

Too bad.  Toughen up.

The more you study powerful people and big brands, the more examples you’ll see of this.  A sharp divide between supporters and sh*t-talkers typically makes you the most money.

Use finesse, of course.  Be smart in your approach.  Don’t say or do anything you’d regret… just for the sake of stirring the pot.


Once you put something online, it’s pretty much there to stay.

So think it through.  Make a good game plan.

Which opinions will you share?  How edgy will you be?  How much are you willing to show?  Say?  How far will you take it?  What lines will you draw in the sand?

And will you stand behind those decisions no matter how nasty Timmy the Troll gets?

If so, hey:

Bring on the haters.

Cory Johnson: likes bumping #OnRepeat through the Bang & Olufsen sound system in his naturally aspirated V10; post-workout pumps; big boobs; dumb comedy; and your mom’s potato salad. He hates awkward handshakes. But who cares? Let’s talk about you.