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You Are Enough

Love Yourself Balloons Sky

Stop whipping yourself with a sack of soggy diapers, mentally.

High standards are great.  But just because you’re a million miles away from such standards doesn’t mean you should roast yourself.

Who’s that helpin’?

How are you supposed to create art and attract love and grow and improve… without your own support?  Huh?


The things you have and have not done; the money you have and have not made; that’s not who you are.

You’re a work in progress.  So am I.  And only when we’re six feet under can our life’s work be judged.  So f*ck it.  It’s early in the game.  Give yourself a break.  I think you’re pretty cool.  Or you wouldn’t be here.

Please.  Look for the good inside of you.  For the rest of today, think only about what you like about yourself, who you’ve helped, wins you’ve had, and where you’re going.  Tomorrow?  Maybe you’ll wanna do the same.

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