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Eric Thomas Net Worth

Eric Thomas Income

Eric Thomas net worth: Eric Thomas is a minister, author, and motivational speaker with a net worth we estimate at $3 million dollars.

Thomas had a tough upbringing.  He was raised in the slums of Detroit, dropped out of high school, and was homeless for a couple of years.  During his time on the streets, he met his first mentor, a preacher, who talked Thomas into going back to school.

It took 12 years, but in 2011, Eric graduated from Oakwood University with an undergraduate degree.  It was there Thomas launched a program for underprivileged youth, cutting his teeth in public speaking.

Next up, Michigan State University for a master’s in educational leadership and a PhD in education administration.  Also at MSU, Thomas served as an adviser for disadvantaged students, created a retention program for high-risk minority students, and worked as a pastor.

When a YouTube clip of Thomas — doing his thing — went viral, his entrepreneurial career was born.  Thomas formed a company to sell educational consulting, executive coaching, and athletic development services… and “ET The Hip Hop Preacher” was off to the races.

Today, Thomas commands massive fees for his motivational mojo.  He’s worked with college and professional athletes and teams, celebrities, CEOs, and everyone in between.  Thomas has also published three books and built an impressive following on social media.

With so much momentum, his net worth could definitely double or triple in the next few years.  For his most powerful sayings, see Eric Thomas quotes.

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