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Ethos Affiliate Reviews (Andrew James)

Ethos Affiliate Review

Ethos Affiliate says, “Get busy living,” in their latest FB ad. And their new masterclass will equip you with the perfect business model to do just that. Is it legit? Read on for my Ethos Affiliate review. But first, peep this:

Back to Ethos Affiliate and their mysterious marketing. Upon clicking their ad, I’m taken to a squeeze page. Pretty standard stuff. Headline, bullets, lifestyle pic, “opt-in to learn more,” right? Don’t mind if I do.

Elevated Entrepreneurs Masterclass

After I clicked the teal button and entered my info, I was taken to a hidden page with the training video I was promised. I also got the following email:


How to build the “golden link” lifestyle business…


Andrew James


Hey, thanks for checking out our video on:

“How to Unlock Financial, Location and Time Freedom With the Golden Link Lifestyle Business”

You can access the training here in case life gets in the way and you don’t have time to watch it when you initially signed up.

In the video we cover:

-How to tap into the Billion Dollar a Day E-learning industry without creating a course or becoming a guru…

-How to turn on a flowing pipeline of leads overnight without needing an audience or selling to friends and family…

-How to launch and automate this entire business in under 2 weeks even if you’re new to business.



1621 Central Avenue
Cheyenne, WY 82001

The link in the email obviously takes me back to the page I’m already on. So with that, let’s press play and see what this whole “golden link lifestyle business” is all about, shall we? Sweet.

Ethos Affiliate Business Training

The video opens with Andrew James, in a pimp apartment in Medellín, Columbia, talking about how very few people ever realize all three levels of freedom: financial, location, and time.

But by the end of this video, he promises, we’ll have the blueprint for an extremely profitable, simple business that unlocks all three levels of freedom—without having to build a big team or create complex systems.

Then he goes into his story: been an internet marketer for five years, the last four of which he’s spent traveling the world. After failing at everything—MLM, e-commerce, dropshipping, consulting, running an agency, being an influencer—he finally cracked the code and has now done over 7-figures. And most important, he’s completely free.

Andrew James Marketing

So how’d he do it? Andrew became an affiliate for high ticket courses. It was perfect. Big commissions plus zero fulfillment equals freedom.

Andrew calls this “the golden link.” You’re connecting people who have some sort of problem with a premium-priced e-learning program that can solve it for them. In doing so, you can profit a lot while working a little.

How’d he refer sales? Andrew ran Facebook and Instagram ads to “lead magnets” (free reports, video case studies, etc.) that the program creators had already made. Those lead magnets would automatically convert some of the traffic into buyers. Andrew dubs this “the silver skill.”

Once Andrew was crushing it, friends started asking him for help. He partnered with another marketer, Stephen Esposito, to create a course called Affiliate Accelerator under their Elevated Entrepreneurs company. Customer reviews were mixed, so he went back to the drawing board.

In dire need of high-quality, high-ticket offers, Andrew decided to launch his own digital marketplace called Oasis. Unlike, say, ClickBank, where millions of affiliates are all trying to sell the same hot products, with Oasis, only Andrew’s members can refer those products. This limits unnecessary competition.

He and Stephen also built an internal sales team (called Rise) to close your leads over the phone—a necessary evil with big-ticket sales.

Such that, all you’d have to do is, pick a pricey product out of the Oasis marketplace, turn on the traffic, and let your commissions compound while you’re out doing whatever you want with your newfound freedom. At least, that’s the way Andrew tells it.

And with that, he asks you to book your 45-minute “Accelerator Session” if you’re interested in learning more.

How much does Ethos Affiliate cost? Unfortunately, you won’t know till you do a call. I’d plan on $8k to $12k, based on their exclusive marketplace and done-for-you sales.

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