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Chris Evans Traffic And Funnels #1 Ad Hack

Inbound Closer Chris Evans Video

Inbound Closer co-founder Chris Evans reveals his top trick for creating paid ads that multiply money. Most marketers gloss right over this, yet he (and Taylor Welch and team) spend nearly 80% of their time doing this one thing. So what is it? I’ll tell. But first, a message from my mentor on digital real estate:

Alright, so the reason all of Chris’ businesses (Traffic and Funnels, The SalesMentor, Wealth Cap Holdings, etc.) are doing so well, he says, is because they go HAM on market research.

Traffic Funnels Market Research

Traffic & Funnels employee demonstrates how they get to know their ideal clients better using a free Google Chrome extension

“People don’t understand how much work and effort we put into research,” Chris says. “And after coaching hundreds if not thousands of people that deal with clients, it’s one of the biggest things they miss. They just skip right over it. Then they wonder, ‘Why does my ad not work? Why does my webinar not work?’ It’s ’cause they have no clue what is goin’ on inside [the minds of] their clients or their prospects. No clue,” he adds, wearing an epic David Ogilvy T-shirt.

“And if you read the copy that we’re putting out, it’s like, it’s shattering. Because it busts through any wall that they have because it hits ’em right in the center… right in the heart. So, if you wanna be good at copy, and reaching your audience, you gotta research. You hafta know exactly where they’re at, what they’re feeling, why they’re feeling it.”

Now for the hack: what they do at Traffic and Funnels is, they’ll go into forums related to whatever they’re trying to sell, and rip the ad copy (for example) straight outta there. Like, they’ll find someone who shared their story, their frustrations, their questions, concerns, etc., and just model that for their next YouTube ad. This gives you the language they’re using, their belief systems… everything.

Chris Evans calls this the “mirror effect.” You’re not painting a picture for them, you’re simply mirroring their reality throughout all of your marketing.

Damn-good advice. Now here’s Chris and company to put an exclamation mark on it:

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