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Everette Taylor Net Worth, #1 Money-Making Tip

Everette Taylor

Everette Taylor has a lot to smile about these days. But that wasn’t always the case.

When Everette Taylor was a kid, he would sit on the floor to watch TV, just in case stray bullets came through the walls. Having food to eat at night was a luxury. At age seven, he saw a guy get murdered right in front of him. Sadly, this was all normal.

In an environment like that, it’s no surprise that by seventh or eighth grade, he was in the streets, selling drugs. His mom knew something was up when Everette started showing up with fresh clothes and kicks—and forced him to get a real job. So he did. In marketing. It would change the entire trajectory of his life. But not before surviving a period of homelessness, beginning at age 17.

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“I can’t quite put into words what that experience was like,” he told fellow serial entrepreneur Gerard Adams in an interview. “I always say that I’m fortunate that I experienced that [being homeless, that is] because when you see people who don’t have anything? You start to notice, what are the basic human instincts? What are the basic wants and needs of humans?”

“What really makes them tick? And that’s all marketing is. Right? Outside of the data and the growth hacks and the PR, it’s really about understanding consumer psychology. And if you understand people, at a fundamental level, you can be a genius marketer,” he explained.

Being homeless also taught him how to hustle. Everette would scrape snow off people’s cars, wash their windows, anything he could do to drum up enough money to maybe sleep at a dumpy hotel that night.

Eventually he saves up enough to take the SAT and apply to one single college, which he gets accepted into. After his sophomore year, he applies to all these tech companies, determined to land a decent-paying job in marketing, but no one will hire him (probably because he’s black).

Everette Taylor Businesses

Everette used to go to the library just to get warm; now he goes to get paid—in this case, for a sponsored Instagram ad by Wells Fargo. 

So he says, “You know what? F*ck it!” and decides to start his own tech company. To raise capital, he began throwing parties. It worked. Everette earns enough to hire a couple of guys he met at college to code his grand vision. (Basically, a poor man’s version of Eventbrite.) It takes off. And, two years later, he sells the company for a nice chunk of change.

He’s not quite a millionaire, but he’s still just 21 years old, he’s got money, momentum, and the experience taught him a ton about business he didn’t previously know. Over time, he rolls all that into ET Enterprises, the umbrella for multiple brands that are profitable, able to provide for him and his family—with money leftover to save, invest, take bigger risks, and ultimately, create generational wealth.

Oh, and somewhere along there, he even made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. High-paying public speaking gigs and lucrative advisory and consulting projects soon followed. Next thing ya know, the once-homeless Everette is raking in a total salary of $4 million a year—while still owning all of these businesses that he can sell for a windfall of cash one day, if he so chooses.

So how rich is Everette Taylor?

All told, we estimate Everette Taylor has a net worth of around $45 million dollars. His best piece of advice? Build your emotional intelligence so you can become a master marketer like him. Here’s how: “Experience life. Travel. Go outside of your friend groups. Try to understand people that are not like you,” he says. Here’s more:

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