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Everlasting Ads Review (Is Alex Martino A Phony?)

EverlastingAds.com Facebook Ad

Alexander Martino will help you get more clients in three months than you did all this year. This, if his latest ad on Facebook is to be believed.

For my harsh Everlasting Ads review, see below. But first, you might want to watch this case study. In it, my mentor and one of his students show you how to rent lil’ websites to local business owners.

Who is Alexander Martino? Here are the highlights. Alex grew up in NYC. He dropped out of college to start his own business. By 22, he supposedly had not one, but three successful companies. These days, he’s a digital marketing consultant who helps his clients run “wildly profitable ads.”

Alexander Martino Bio

Is he legit? Well, after clicking on his ad and examining his landing page, let’s just say: I have my doubts.

7 Figure Growth Hacks

For starters, if you listen to his video, he sounds like a drunk Taylor Welch. Super weird delivery. Not that I’m one to talk. Me on video is about as interesting as a TED Talk on, I dunno, kale.

But it gets worse. A lot worse. Because, after finishing the video, I scroll down and immediately, I’m just like, “This f*ckin’ guy!”

Done For You RocketFuel Call

Because he basically copied Steve Hofstetter verbatim:

Funnel Steve DFY Funnels

Now you might think, “Oh, well, he changed the words up slightly,” but me? I have no tolerance for this sh*t. I think it’s absolutely pathetic.

Steve might’ve spent months refining that copy so that it reads and screens just right, and then in five seconds, this idiot comes along and swipes it and then goes and competes with him. Double whammy. Unreal!

And the rest of the page is more of the same. Alex Martino swingin’ from deez Steve’s nuts. For example, here’s Alex’s bonus:

Everlasting Ads Bonus

And here’s Steve’s (from his “DFY Downline” funnel for network marketers):

DFY Downline Bonuses

What. A. Dick. Want me to keep goin’? Sure, no problem. Here’s the opening of Alex’s frequently asked questions:

EverlastingAds FAQs

And here’s Steve’s:

FunnelSteve FAQs

I mean, right down to the f*ckin’ call-to-action button. Ya got Alex’s:

Everlasting Ads CTA Button

And ya got Steve’s:

FunnelSteve CTA Button

We could be here all day. But honestly, my hand is cramping from all the screenshots, so I’ll leave it at that.

At this point, what else is there to say? Who cares what Everlasting Ads costs, because, if that’s the service you want, why not go right to the guy Alex copied from?

Me personally? I think my stance is pretty clear. I wouldn’t do business with Alexander Martino for all the fine China in your auntie’s hutch.

PS, this is the exact reason I wouldn’t recommend anyone other than world-class marketers even mess with paid ads. You can’t win. And if, somehow, you do? You’ll have twat waffles like Alex, here, steal all your creativity and hard work and literally use it against you.

If you watched the video above, you know there are other options out there. Sure, I’m biased, but tell me this doesn’t make a ton of sense:

Cory Johnson: CEO of a business he has yet to launch. As seen on your mom’s phone. Scaled to 7-figures in seven seconds selling a course on selling courses. Kidding. Watch this.