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11 Funny Advertising Oopsies

Tiny Bose

I can relate, Bose.  A grower, not a shower.

Led Lights

Poor guy went from shooting his shot to looking for the Ativan he just dropped, all in the flick of a switch.  Sheesh!

Boy Scout Paper

There’s an editor in Albert Lea who hasn’t stopped gigglin’ since approximately May 24, 2013.

Pistachio Nuts

Sounds like someone could use a good shower and a script called in for doxycycline.

Braille Bad

Safe bet.

Come Closer Subway

Yeah.  It’s a hard-no for me.

Freaky Granny

Damn.  Must’ve been one sweet-smelling muffin.  Wonder how far they’d drive to… actually, let’s just move on.

Ice Cream Green

Why do I feel a collab comin’ on with the lighting company from above?

Oakland Mall Kids

Oakland Mall: f*ck your kids, but we do have a Macy’s.

Brown Yellow Normal

Like this ad?  Email: OldWhiteGuy@LowKeyRacist.com if you’d like us to promote your brand!

Bud Light Fail

Bud Light, the official sponsor of the Me Too movement.

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