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Reaction: Cat Howell’s “Not Another Facebook Ads Course” Facebook Ad

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Just saw this ad for Facebook Ads That Convert (FATC) by the eccentric Cat Howell.

Let’s look at the body copy, then I’ll give you my two cents:

What are some of the most common ways to get Facebook ads “support”


Here are my “unfiltered” thoughts…

1. Facebook ads chat support


2. Facebook Ad reps


3. Blog Posts/YouTube

You know what?  This can actually work.

The only problem is that you have to be extremely motivated and willing to sift through mountains of absolute garbage in order to find the “golden nuggets” of Facebook ads knowledge.

Plus every offer is unique, so what works for one “guru” might not work in your particular case.

4. Online Courses

Not saying these can’t be great.  But they’re almost always expensive.

And while they can give you a great baseline of Facebook ads knowledge to work from, the reality is that you will still get “stuck”.

Think underperforming client campaigns leading to angry clients sending you messages about what they think you should try next.  You know their idea is terrible but you also don’t have any better ideas.  No online course will save you here.

5. Hiring a Consultant

You’ll pay at least $200-$1000 for a 1 hour session with anyone who’s actually worth getting advice from.

You’ll spend 45 minutes explaining your business and get 15 minutes worth of recommendations that will probably be valuable but running profitable Facebook ads is rarely a “quick fix” kind of deal.

And then when you get stuck again do you fork out another $500 for a consult?  Where does it end?

6. Figure it out yourself

Great.  Go get em.

The Facebook ads machine moves so fast that unless you have a 6 figure/month budget to play with you’ll be left behind, watching as other agencies & businesses brag about the 14x ROAS results they’re getting.

Meanwhile you’re 28 minutes into your 19th youtube video about Facebook ads put out by an 18 year old kid who’s supposedly made $1,287,049 dropshipping.

And then there’s FATC (Facebook Ads That Convert)

FATC is a monthly membership where you get access to HANDS ON CAMPAIGN SUPPORT from handpicked Facebook ad experts across the eCom, Lead Gen, and Coaching/Online Course spaces.

Let me paint you a clear picture.

You’re staring at your ad account wondering “How the heck can I scale?  Every time I raise my budget’s my costs rise like crazy…”

But since you’re a member of FATC, you sign up for one of the 8 weekly support calls.

You get on the call at the specified time.

You show the expert exactly what’s been going on in your account via screen share, and they say something like this:

“This is exactly why you’re having a hard time scaling – try a, b, and c and you should be able to double your spend while maintaining good ROAS no problem”

You leave the call with a CLEAR PLAN FORWARD, without having to spend hours combing through free content for advice, listening to absurd advice from your Facebook ad rep, or spending $1000 for a 1 hour consultation.

See you on the inside → https://fatc.cathowell.com/join

And as a BONUS you’ll get..

  • STEP BY STEP CAMPAIGN LAUNCH PROCEDURES (SOP’S) for eCom, Lead Gen, and Coaching/Online courses.  These are the same procedures that my 7 figure/mth agency uses to launch campaigns
  • Plus a comprehensive Facebook ads course and a few other goodies


“It’s a world class Facebook ads safety net that could save a herd of elephants falling off the moon”

Get in here → https://fatc.cathowell.com/join

Overall?  I like it.

The picture makes sense.  The headline “This is Not Another Facebook Ads Course” is so money… cuz that’s exactly what Sharon’s thinkin’ when she sees this in her newsfeed.  So right away, Cat’s sayin’: “Relax, I know you’re sick of seein’ ads for Facebook ads courses – but this ain’t that.”

What I didn’t like?  With the whole “picture portion” of the ad?


She went buttonless (not even a “Learn More”), which is ballsy.


The URL’s a hot mess: f*ckin’ can’t stand subdomains or internal pages… and Cat done went and did both (i.e. This.That.com/Here).  Aesthetics-wise, it’s fugly.  And I always seem to pay less per conversion when I have a nice, neat root domain (i.e. TheLink.com), but admittedly, more of an OCD thing than a this-is-gonna-jack-up-your-sh*t thing.


I’d prefer to have the link tie into the theme.  So like, even somethin’ simple… like: FATCInfo.com… would help.


The subheadline is long-winded and actually gets cut off – on desktop, anyways.  I woulda kept it short and perhaps more visual, like, instead of “This is a world class Facebook ads safety net that could save a herd of…” I’d say somethin’ like: “It’s a security blanket.”  Now… that’s just off the top of my head, but, see how it’s shorter, wouldn’t have gotten cut off, and it’s probably a clearer, more emotional description of what FATC truly is?  (Remember, people buy off emotion, justify with logic.  How’s what you’re selling gonna make ’em feel?)

And that’s about it… as far as what I didn’t like.

But again.  All little things.

Anyways.  Onward.  To the meat ‘n’ taters.

So… I dig the body copy.  Not cuz it’s the slickest writing, but cuz Cat Howell does such a great job of meeting her prospect where they already are.  Everyone knows it’s impossible to get FB ads help from Facebook.  Then she lists the alternatives, one by one, and she’s honest about the pros and cons of ’em.  And makes a complete case for her program, FATC, without being fake or coming across desperate.  In fact, by saying, “Yes, you could go do these other things, but just be aware of the pitfalls,” she seems that much more confident in what she’s offering.

She also paints the prospect a “clear picture” – like she says – and walks ’em through an exact scenario of them being inside FATC and using it to their advantage.  Very well done.

Then, what a lot of people miss, she’s got two links within the body copy itself.  (Yes, she had to… because, hello, no button – but still.)

Then, some bonuses, for the cherry on top.  Although, making it time-sensitive would’ve been even more effective.

Last, when you do click-through to her landing page, thank you Jesus, it actually picks up where the ad left off.  The headline, for once, is exactly the same as the ad itself.  It’s obvious: you’re in the right place.  Then there’s plenty of videos and extra copy to answer questions and overcome objections… and testimonies to seal the deal.

High-five, Cat.  You should teach this stuff.  (Wink.)

Much better than the Russ Ruffino ad I critiqued the other day.

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