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FaZe Rug Net Worth


Clip-clop. FaZe Rug out here trotting around like a show pony.

FaZe Rug (birth name Brian Awadis) was on the No Focks Given podcast with Maverick and Tanner Fox recently and had this to say about a typical day in his life: “It’s not the rich life, like, you know, I’m gonna go eat a $500 dinner. I eat like In-N-Out, Jack in the Box, all the basic stuff. If it’s a filming day, I’ll grab a coffee or some Chug Rug (his energy drink)…”

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Then, after a long day of filming, FaZe Rug said: “I like sitting at home, listening to hip-hop music, just like vibing out, thinking about all I’ve done in the past eight years. It’s cool to, like, give yourself credit.”

After all these years, he’s still passionate about making new YouTube videos. On the side, he invests in real estate. FaZe Rug has nine units paying him passively every month. He has yet to invest in the stock market, but plans to one day. He jokes that he should probably meet with a financial advisor after recently purchasing two G Wagens and a Tesla all in one week.

But the man can afford it. FaZe Rug is the co-owner of FaZe Clan, a pro esports and entertainment organization based out of Los Angeles. The company is valued at a mind-blowing $400 million dollars. He hopes it will get acquired one day. If so, he estimates his cut would be about $10- or $15 million. If and when that happens, he says he might give himself permission to go from uploading three new videos per week, down to one.

Brian Faze Rug

I’ll just be over here choking on my jealousy.

FaZe Rug’s net worth is approximately $4.5 million dollars as of today. When asked what the future holds, he basically said more of the same. Then, two to three years from now, he plans on starting a family channel on YouTube. “Okay, tell me that’s not crazy,” he said, “for, like, my O.G. fans watching me since I was 16, grew up with me, and then see me have a kid.”

He thinks it’d be pretty incredible to have that important next chapter of his life documented on camera. I’m sure it’d be highly-lucrative as well. And FaZe Rug is happy to share the wealth with his loved ones: “I always help my mom and dad out at the end of the month, ya know? They’re, like, priority,” he said.

“I just wanna take care of my family first. And then, like, even when I do cash out, at the end of the day, like, a lot of that’s going to my family. And then the rest is going to investments to take care of myself,” he added.

“A lot of people tell me I care more about other people than myself. And I like that about myself, but then at the end of the day, I need to start caring more about myself,” he reflected. For more vulnerable insights from FaZe Rug, check out the interview below.

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