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Fivio Foreign Net Worth

Fivio Foreign Bulletproof

Fivio Foreign net worth: Maxie Lee Ryles III, known as Fivio Foreign, is a rapper with a net worth of $1.3 million dollars.  Here are 10 Fivio facts that might surprise you.

Fivio Foreign At Home

1. Fivio Foreign was born on March 29, 1996.  He was raised in Brooklyn, New York.  He has said his childhood was just like the movie Brooklyn’s Finest, where drugs, gangs and violence were a daily occurrence.  His mom died of a stroke in 2018.

Fivio Foreign Hand Sign

2. When XXL asked him what his dream job was as a kid, he said, “I really wanted, when I was a little, little kid, I wanted to collect rocks.  I don’t know why.  I didn’t know nothin’ about them.  I just liked to pick them up and keep ’em.”

Fivio Foreign Chin Check

3. On how he got started rapping, Fivio says, where he’s from, that’s just what people do to try and make it out.  So he and his cousins were always rapping, for as long as he can remember.

Fivio Foreign Money

4. Fivio’s big break came in the summer of 2019 when his single “Big Drip” went viral.  He started seeing Instagram stories of celebrities playing it in the background, and that’s when he knew he had made it to the next level.  Eventually, he remixed it with Lil Baby and Quavo, which created even more buzz.  Funny enough, Fivio was surprised fans liked “Big Drip” so much, as he had just released a song called “Pop Out” at the same time, which he thought was superior.

Fivio Foreign Sparks Up

5. In 2011, Fivio began rapping under the moniker Lite Fivio.  Two years later, he changed it to Fivio Foreign and formed a hip-hop group with some friends called 800 Foreign Side.  Fivio Foreign is currently working with Mase’s RichFish Records and Columbia Records.  He got one million dollars for signing with them.

Fivio Foreign Selfie

6. One of his favorite shows of all-time was the Netflix series You—a psychological thriller that tracks one man’s sinister attempt to find love.

Fivio Foreign Red Solo Club

7. In May of 2020, Fivio Foreign launched the Foreignside Foundation in honor of his late mother.  Their mission is to help at-risk teens, the homeless, gang members, those who are incarcerated, as well as communities in need of supplemental and educational assistance.

Fivio Foreign Studio Time

8. In response to those who say his lyrics promote violence, Fivio makes a good argument: “We [rappers] just entertain you.  Who said what we did was true?  It’s like being an actor in a movie and I’m shooting n*ggas.  Does that mean I’m shooting them in real life?  I think people [listen to drill] for the same reason why people watch movies.  They want to live that life without having to go through it.  It scratches that itch because some people may want to go out and shoot someone, [instead they] play a drill song and then that feeling passes.  They think about something else,” he told NME.

Fivio Foreign Cars

9. What’s the biggest misconception people have about Fivio Foreign?  Because of his drill rap style, they assume he’s angry all the time.  Fivio said that couldn’t be further from the truth.  He’s actually a very happy individual.

Fivio Foreign Counting Income

10. Time will tell how long Fivio Foreign continues to make new music.  On one hand, he loves rapping and especially the praise he gets from his fans.  On the other hand, he came into this with a “one and done” mentality.  He wanted to drop an album, cash out and move on to the next thing.  “I ain’t tryin’ to be rapping for mad long.  Sh*t is mad work,” he explained.  Instead, he wants to sign other artists and retire while he’s still on top.

Fivio Foreign Music Video

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