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Bendy Beliefs

Flexible Chick Splits

Just the tip: stretch your thinking.  Be open to being wrong.

Flexibility of thought is a super power.  When you can take long-standing beliefs and upgrade them based on new and better information, breakthroughs are inevitable.

Said different, how you gonna significantly improve your body, your business, your relationships, your whatever, if you keep doin’ what you’ve always done?

Einstein called that insanity, didn’t he?

Like, you have to have a malleable mind if you wanna make major changes in how you look, feel, earn, live.  Otherwise, five years from now, you can expect more of the same.

Notice, I’m not talkin’ about values here.  Honesty, loyalty, respect – keep those.  I’m talkin’ about opinions (and therefore, habits) that don’t serve you.

Like, what if there was a better way to sleep?  Eat?  Exercise?  Study?  Practice?  Perform?  Advertise?  Sell?  Serve?  Invest?

Not only should you be open to that, but you should constantly investigate and test out alternatives – especially ones that are polar opposite to what you’ve been doing.

Because, sooner or later, you’re gonna come across something that works exponentially better than the old way.

And then it’s like:

Pray Gains Meme

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