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Flexxable Reviews, Cost (Dan Wardrope)

Flexxable 7 Figure Agency

Flexxable founder Dan Wardrope will show you how to build a 7-figure pay per lead agency—in one niche only.

I’ll cover Flexxable reviews and pricing below, but first, we do pay per lead as well, only with free traffic. Which works quite well. (It’s how you got here, isn’t it?) So check it out:

Flexxable alternative

Back to Flexxable. As I said, it was created by a guy named Dan Wardrope. He’s from Australia. Played some semi-pro basketball.

Then, in 2009, like so many marketers before him, his internet career began with a simple Google search: “how to make money online.”

After years of ups and downs, Dan settled in on the agency model. Only, instead of working like a dog for a flat fee each month, he started charging clients based on performance.

Simple premise: “the more high-quality leads I send, the more money I should make.”

Fast forward to today. Dan’s got a thriving pay per lead agency called Flexx Digital, as well as an online education company called Flexxable, which I’ll review now.

Does Dan Wardrope deserve your money?

Dan Wardrope Lead Gen

To find out, I finally clicked on one of his Facebook ads—that’ve been stalking me for months—and opted into his Flexxable funnel.

Moments later, I saw the following email in my inbox.


Here’s the training video you requested!


Dan Wardrope



Here’s the training video you requested.

If you want my advice, I suggest taking 10-20 minutes now, before something comes up, just to look it over and discover How You Can Build A 7 Figure Pay Per Lead Agency With 7 Clients Or Less!

The sooner you find out how to get rid of local clients and stop relying on underpaid retainer contracts, the sooner you can scale to 7 figures!

If you trust this free guide, you will learn:

  • How I freed my business from retainer contracts… for good.
  • How I stopped exhausting myself with local business that can’t scale.
  • How I regularly land high-ticket B2C and B2B clients, who spend a minimum of $20,000 on leads per week.

Don’t make THIS mistake…

Most people think, “Okay, I’ll look through this when I get a chance,” but then…

They forget all about it and miss out on all the incredible knowledge they could have gained if they’d just watched it straight away.

I know you must be busy, but scaling your agency with retainer contracts is extremely difficult…

… and this is the first step towards finally (and quickly) moving away from all of that.

Enjoy it!

Dan Wardrope
Founder of Flexxable & Flexx Digital

Flexx Investments Ltd
68 Goldstone Villas
Hove, BN3 3RU
United Kingdom

Upon clicking the link, I’m taken to a hidden page where Dan’s 23-minute training video awaits. I’ll watch it now and leave my thoughts below.

The Flexxable framework

Flexxable YouTube Video

“How would you like to land national, 6-figure, pay per lead clients, then generate them 500+ high quality leads per day without relying on Facebook ads?” Dan asks to start the video off.

Then he quickly covers the three steps to pull this off: (1) find high volume niche and calculate a rough lead cost clients might pay, as per the slide above; (2) have virtual assistant build a database of businesses (and their contact info) in that niche; (3) pitch ’em via direct mail, cold email, cold calling, and paid ads.

To compete, Dan says, you’ll want to find a niche within a niche. For example, “car financing for business owners,” as opposed to just “car financing.” This’ll be easier from a targeting standpoint and also cut through the noise and capture attention because it speaks directly to the target audience.

From there, nail your offer and turn on the traffic. You could use YouTube ads, Google display network, Twitter ads, Facebook ads, whatever’s clever, Trevor.

How do you screen for quality? Dan uses quiz funnels. Then, based on their answers, he’ll route each lead to the most appropriate business he’s partnered with.

How much can you make with Dan’s pay per lead process?

Flexxable Branded Funnel Example

Well, Dan claims a funnel like the one above can easily do $100k per month or more.

And, as the video comes to a close, he asks you to book a strategy call with his team so they can help you map out your first PPL campaign.

But hurry, Dan says—the spots won’t last long. Which is B.S. He wouldn’t be running ads so hard if that were true.

No mention of what Flexxable costs either. My guess is at least $7,000, based on similar programs in the marketplace.

Do I think it’s worth it? For advanced internet marketers with deep pockets, yes. For everyone else, no. Too techie, too pricey, too many moving parts.

For a simpler business with less risk, read every word on this page.

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