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Flipp Dinero Net Worth

Flipp Dinero Mic Drop

Flipp Dinero net worth: Christopher Saint Victor, known as Flipp Dinero, is a rapper with a net worth of $1 million dollars.  Now how many of the following Flipp facts did you know?

Flipp Dinero Humble Beginnings

1. Flipp Dinero’s date of birth is November 16, 1995.  He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  He is Haitian.  He has two brothers and one sister.  His parents were very strict and sent him to a private school.  Despite having a strong family life, Flipp’s neighborhood was a tough area to grow up in, with negative influences all around him.  Flipp loved skateboarding as a kid, but quit after getting hit by a car and breaking his wrist.

Flipp Dinero Brooklyn

2. Flipp was forced to study, help out around the house and attend church every Sunday.  He was limited in what he could watch and listen to, what he could do with friends and how late he was able to stay out.  As a result, he spent a lot of time alone in his room listening to music.

Flipp Dinero Chains

3. As a teen, Flipp enjoyed a wide variety of artists, such as: Biggie, Ludacris, Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Bobby Caldwell, Dennis Brown, Sister Nancy, and more.  Inspired, Flipp began singing and writing poetry, and eventually, rapping.

Flipp Dinero Downtown

4. After graduating high school, Flipp Dinero enrolled at the Borough of Manhattan Community College.  He had plans of becoming a doctor.  However, after three years, he left to pursue music.

Flipp Dinero ATV

5. In an interview with Vibe he discussed his leap of faith: “I was in college doing my thing but I knew the music was always something I wanted to do because it was always something I envisioned myself doing.  Everything about me was musically inclined.  I listened to all types of music and I always performed in front of people, I played in the church, I played instruments in the church, I sang in the choir at school, in the choir at church, sang in the crib all by myself.  I was just into music.”

Flipp Dinero Blazing Up

6. How did Flipp Dinero get his name?  At the age of eight or nine, his friends started calling him Flippa because he was flipping various items for profit.  As he got older, Flippa sounded too childish, so he shortened it to Flipp.  And then Dinero was just based on his love for money.  Hence Flipp Dinero.

Flipp Dinero Studio

7. Flipp’s big break came when NFL star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. posted an Instagram video of himself dancing to Dinero’s “Leave Me Alone.”  That led to praise from Drake.  And eventually, DJ Khaled swooped in and signed Flipp to his We The Best imprint under Epic Records.

Flipp Dinero Money Stacks

8. Flipp Dinero is humble.  “My music is not promoting gang violence, or someone dying.  If I can make positive music that you can relate to and I don’t come across as cocky or arrogant or an asshole, that’s what I’m going to do.  Music that the kids will love, the adults will love, and the hood n*ggas and the b*tches will too,” he told HypeBeast.

Flipp Dinero Bundled Up

9. Flipp made the 2019 XXL Freshman class after performing his freestyle “What I do.”

Flipp Dinero Lambo

10. As for the biggest lesson he’s learned coming up?  “I’d say people.  I cut a lot of people off.  A lot of things change.  You think you’re going to go to the top with a lot of people, but your entourage gets smaller.  That’s the thing that really awakens a n*gga.  Just going into something with a lot of people, but then losing a lot of people along the way.  Of course it’s lonely, but it makes you tougher,” he explained.

Flipp Dinero Red Pants

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