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When They Doubt Your Ability

But how do you get that confident?  Right?

I’ll tell you how:

You start doing what you say you’re gonna do.

Starting with micro, and working your way to macro tasks.

For example:

You say: “I’m gonna make my bed today.”  And you do it.

Then, on your way to the kitchen, when you see that hair on the floor, you say, “I’m gonna pick that up and throw it away.”  And you do it.

Then you say, “I’m gonna drink a glass of water.”  And you do it.

Soon, it’s like: “I’m gonna do 100 push-ups today.”  Boom.  You knock that out.

“Now I’m gonna write for an hour straight without stopping.”  Check.

“I’m gonna call these five prospects and pitch ’em my new service before noon.”  Done.

See what I’m sayin’?

And you just build and build and build.

To where, A) you’re much more careful about what you say to yourself and others, and B) you’ll go through hell and back to keep your word.


And now you’re living with integrity.  And when you do that, yeah, they’ll have no idea how high you can fly.  But you will.

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