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6 Ways To Build Your Following Online

Millionaire Followers

People will follow you… if you:

1) Remove their fear:

“Does even just the thought of selling turn you into a shaky, sweaty, stuttering mess?  Perfect.  I’m the guy who’s gonna show ya how to sell with the written word.  So you never have to physically ask for money… ever again.”

2) Give them hope:

“I know what you’re thinking: ‘Impossible.’  Right?  Well, check out this sales page I made over here.  See how it does all the telling and selling for me?  Now let’s log in to my merchant account and check the stats.  Ooh, look-a-there: last month that page made me $137,988.21.  Nod bad, huh?”

3) Tell ’em it’s not their fault:

“Dude, I get it.  I’ve been where you’re at.  I read every book on sales.  Went to a live seminar.  Bought several courses on influence and persuasion.  Hired a mentor.  Followed their ‘seven-figure script’ to a T.  And what did I have to show for it?  A big fat bill from Capital One, three new gray hairs, and a pounding headache… amiright?  Here’s the thing: square peg, round hole.  I’m just not wired to be a closer.  And neither are you.  So… stop trying to be.  Instead, get good at writing, like I did.  Here’s how…”

4) Be brutally honest:

“Click here, enter a valid email, and check your inbox for the free video training.  But make no mistake, after you watch it, there’ll be something to buy.  And it ain’t cheap.  So if you currently pay your taxes in gummy bears?  Might wanna sit this one out.”

5) Give ’em permission to be themselves:

“I’m a weirdo who listens to hip-hop, chugs coffee, f*cking swears too much, quotes dumb comedies, and shaves his arms.  Has revealing all that in my writing cost me sales?  Nope.  In fact, it’s the reason most people pick me over the competition.  Imagine that.  Being fully you… and actually making more money because of it.”

6) Edutain them:

“Lemme just say, thank God I ponied up for those floor seats at UFC last night.  Nothing like standing on your tippy-toes, clutching a $13 beer, watching your favorite fighter’s feet dance across the Octagon.  Sheesh: I think, maybe next time, I’ll stick to my home theater.  Anyhoo.  Grab a pen.  Today, I’m gonna give you four ways to write better – instantly.  Ready?  Here goes.  Number one…”

Dammit.  I just checked and “edutain” was on my sh*t list.  I’ll let it slide, this time only.  If I ever say it again… punch me.

Cory Johnson: your momma’s neighbor’s side chick’s last Uber Eats delivery guy’s third-favorite blogger. Here’s how he makes millions of dollars blogging without being bothered.