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Tanner Fox Net Worth, Million Dollar Mega Yacht Vacay

Tanner Fox YouTube

It’s good to be Tanner Fox. A week after getting back from Mexico, he and his friends hopped on a private jet to The Bahamas. But instead of staying at The Royal at Atlantis Paradise Island like a normal well-to-do YouTuber, no, Tanner and company stayed on his friend, Gage’s, $20 million dollar yacht.

It had massive glass doors that slid open automatically when you walked up to ’em (like you’re strolling into friggin’ Target), a bar, a grill, bedrooms and bathrooms that rivaled that which you’d see in five star hotels, a workout area complete with treadmill, a sauna, multiple living rooms and lounge areas, a pull-behind boat, multiple jet skis, and, as Tanner says, “the most extra thing in the entire world—a hot tub!”

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The first night, they took turns doing backflips and frontflips (and occasionally bellyflopping) into the turquoise water below them.

The following morning, Tanner’s tribe took the small boat to go see some adorable little iguanas scampering around on a nearby beach. They fed ’em slices of fruit and did their best not to get bit. After that, they went snorkeling alongside actual sharks. As one does when your life’s goin’ so good you know there’s no way God’s gonna throw you a curveball and have you lose a limb to a hammerhead shark.

There was a pretty funny running joke about the water being “too dry” for their taste. I thought that was very self-aware of ’em—to make up something totally ridiculous to complain about, realizing how good they’ve all got it.

How Rich Tanner Fox

Tanner Fox leans over the railing of his friend’s mega yacht in The Bahamas

Next, Tanner got some sick footage using a selfie stick while hovering 10 or 20 feet above the water, thanks to one of those jet pack thingies.

Of course, no Bahamas trip would be complete if you didn’t swing by Pig Island to swim with a bunch of creepy-looking bacon-makers with serious snouts. So they checked that off the list. But not before running into one of Tanner Fox’s fans and singing him happy birthday.

Let’s see, what else? Oh yeah, they chased a tornado by boat. Captured some serene sunsets. Several of the homies battled sea sickness. And almost all of ’em said things they’ll cringe at when they rewatch the footage in a few years. Ya know, things like, “It’s lit,” and, “No cap.” Catch all the luxurious highlights by watching the full video below.

So what is Tanner Fox’s YouTube income and how much money is he worth today?

Thanks to catchy content like this, it’s estimated that Tanner rakes in as much as $1.3 million dollars a year, just in ad revenue. Factor-in merch, sponsorships, partnerships, and affiliate marketing, and the vlogger’s easily making $2 milli or more every 12 months.

Take out taxes, business expenses and all that lavish living (which ain’t cheap), and we’ve got Tanner Fox’s net worth at about $7.5 million dollars. Not bad for a young man who’s figured out how to monetize “fun” for a living, amiright?

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