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Frank Kern Reviews Client-Getting Secrets

FrankKern.com Get More Clients

Frank Kern will show you how to get more clients (and better ones, too!) in his new on-demand training. This, per the Facebook ad I just saw. Is it legit? Find out by reading my review below.

But first, watch this case study. You’ll discover our “virtual toll booth” business. Basically, you use free traffic to refer customers to local businesses, and make a few bucks each and every time you do. Check it out:

Frank Kern’s funnel is effortless. Easy to read. Straight to the point. No distractions. And who doesn’t want more ideal clients? I swear, you can learn so much just watching this man market.

Frank Kern On Demand Training

After clicking the red “Show Me How” button and opting-in, I’m redirected to the free training. As you can see, he’s got an annoying countdown timer at the top:

Frank Kern Course Review

But I forgive him because, in typical Frank Kern fashion, his video was actually really helpful.

Secret number one, he says, is to make everything about them. (Your prospects.) Prove to them you can help them by actually helping them throughout your marketing.

What do they want? How do they get it? (Teach that.) No need to snap selfies in front of Lambos and private planes—unless you’re into that. Results work just fine.

Simple, but not easy. Internet marketers tend to run into four roadblocks, which is why they don’t succeed.

They are: (1) not enough leads; (2) junky leads that “need to think about it” or say it’s “too expensive”; (3) they run out of time, because they’re focused on all the wrong things; and (4) for these reasons and others, they can’t close deals.

To exit this “Cycle of Doom,” as Kern calls it, you need to first admit that what you’re doing ain’t working. Why buy another course on Facebook ads or LinkedIn lead gen, if you can’t convert the leads you already have?

Go back to the basics. Get people to request a conversation with you, then sell them. Then fulfill. But how, right? It’s all about “The Core Four,” Kern continues.

First up, your Offer Framework. This is how you present your offer. Don’t just wing it.

You must first establish what prospects want to achieve by working with you. Next, find out what’s preventing them from accomplishing it on their own. Then quantify the problem. What’s it costing them, not just in terms of lost income, but in terms of lifestyle, personal fulfillment, and whatever else? After that, flush out all objections aside from price. All the while, zeroing in on the end result; not the features of your service.

When done right, your Offer Framework should result in them asking you to sell them your service.

Component two of The Core Four is Bait (for lack of a better term). What type of content will you hook them with?

Remember, Kern says, you can’t expect to catch a whale using “minnow bait.” So take a page out of Frank Kern’s book, and make your marketing as valuable as possible.

Component three of The Core Four is your Filter. This is where copywriting comes in handy. If you don’t want low-level leads entering your funnel, watch what you say.

If your ads are like, “How to start your own agency even if you’re low on time, money, and tech skills,” don’t be surprised when broke beginners are booking a call with you.

Compare that to Frank’s ad: “How to get more (and better) clients.” It implies you already have clients, doesn’t it? So right from the start, he’s screening out newbies. Make sense?

From there, you can use an application or some sort of vetting process to ensure only the most qualified people make it to your calendar.

The fourth and final of The Core Four pillars, Frank says, is your Process. You have to have a predictable, systematic way of getting would-be buyers asking you to pitch them.

This creates consistency and stability. Now you can scale to seven figures and beyond.

Solid stuff. The video comes to an end, and Frank sends an email inviting me to schedule a free brainstorming sesh with his team:


This is a no-brainer.


Frank Kern


Hi Cory,

Thanks for watching my class about getting more (and better) clients.

Listen, I’ve been helping people in our kind of business since 1999.

If you want to get more (and better) clients, I can DEFINITELY help you.

We’ve got some time to brainstorm ideas this week and we’re happy to do that for you for free.

Go here and schedule your brainstorming session.


P.S. This is relatively time sensitive because there are only a few people on my team who are qualified to help you.

So if you’d like some help with getting more (and better) clients …CONSISTENTLY …we’ve got you covered.

Choose a time that suits you here. No charge 🙂

Frank Kern Media
3960 Howard Hughes Pkwy #500
Las Vegas, NV 89169, United States

Which brings this Frank Kern review to a screeching halt because, well, I’m already a client-getting machine. And really good at being humble. Wink.

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