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Andy Frisella Net Worth

First Phorm Andy Speaking

Andy Frisella net worth: Andy Frisella, head honcho of 1st Phorm, podcaster, speaker, dominator of things, has an approximate net worth of $33 million dollars.

Frisella was a born entrepreneur.  He did all the usual childhood hustles: sold baseball cards, snow cones, lemonade, even went door-to-door selling light bulbs.

After college, he and a business partner opened up a supplement store with money they’d made painting parking lots.  It was humble beginnings.  They actually lived in the back of the store, off and on, for a while.  Andy said it took three grueling years before he made any money; and three more before they were able to open up a second location.

Then, in ’06, they bought another business that was shutting its doors – and jumped to six stores inside of a month.

In ’09, they began producing their own products.  That’s when 1st Phorm was born.

In the last decade, 1st Phorm has grown well beyond pills and powders, into a lifestyle brand with gear, apparel, accessories, sponsored athletes, a paid “transphormation” app, and more.

It’s now a nine-figure business.

*Cue infomercial voice: but wait, there’s more.

Andy also has a handful of other businesses that, together, do north of $200 million a year in revenue.

But you probably discovered Andy Frisella, like I did, from his top-rated podcast, The MFCEO project, where he shares jaw-dropping stories (like, oh I dunno, the time he got stabbed in the f*cking face), hard-fought business and life lessons, plus passionately interviews other high-achievers.  A great cardio companion, so you don’t run your favorite new songs into the ground.

Then there’s the Arete Syndicate with Ed Mylett: where no-nonsense entrepreneurs band together to scale their businesses, hit personal goals, and do more good in the world.

Also, 75 Hard: a 75-day challenge to gain grit and mental toughness.

Oh, and he charges a fortune to speak at events, and makes some dough with his series of children’s books that teach kids the proper values and mindset for success.

He loves his wife, his fleet of cars, his three bulldogs, his tats, that facial scar (recognition), and his motherf*ckin’ freedom.

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