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Funnel Consultant Society Review

Dino Gomez FB Ads

Funnel Consultant Society review: a course by Dino Gomez, that’ll show you how to land high ticket local clients, then give you copy-and-paste Facebook ad campaigns to get ’em leads.

Is it legit?  Absolutely.  Dino’s got glowing reviews for days.  It’s pretty clear… he takes care of his members.

What about price?  How much does Funnel Consultant Society cost?  Thousands, and rightfully so.  He’s teaching you a multi-million-dollar skillset: how to pluck buyers off Facebook for just about any brick and mortar business.  If you do the work, I don’t see any reason you couldn’t make that back many times over.

Unless, of course, Facebook ads have just gotten too crowded.

And that’s the thing.  Everyone jumped on the bandwagon and now that wagon is almost at max capacity.  So like, my only beef with Funnel Consultant Society has nothing to do with the course or its creator, Dino Gomez, but rather, with a trend that’s on its way out.

And Facebook advertising, while not dead, is certainly past its prime.  There’s just too many internet marketers selling “how to make money with Facebook ads” programs these days.  Now you’ve got tens of thousands of their “students” fighting over the scraps.

Amiright?  You know I am.

I mean, there’s only so many good niches that work for Facebook ads.  So right off the bat you’re limited.  Cuz, like, you can’t expect to get leads for a kitchen remodeler, for example, on friggin’ Facebook.  You could try.  But it’s gonna be super duper expensive cuz that’s one of those things where you’re either in the market to remodel your kitchen or you’re not; and if not, you’ll ignore that ad, no matter how sexy it is.  Now think about how many niches are like that.  Where you wouldn’t engage or enter your email or claim a coupon or call a number until you actually need that product or service.

So the number of local businesses who’d benefit by paying you to run their Facebook ads is – from day one – not nearly as big as you’d expect.

Then, every day, more and more students are learning this skill from Dino Gomez or Adam Davies or Jeff Samis or Dan Henry or Cat Howell or Billy Gene or your mom… or whoever else.

So demand’s relatively fixed.  While the supply of Facebook ad agencies is growing at an alarming rate.  Right?  Economics 101 – the businesses who need and are willing to pay for leads off of Facebook have all the power.  They can be selective in who they choose to run their ads, and picky in what they’re willing to pay.  This is bad news for you, if you’re just now entering this space.

Wait.  It gets worse.  Facebook’s charging you more and more to get views, clicks, and leads.  So the amount you profit when it’s all said and done is getting smaller and smaller.  Ouch!

So whaddya do?

Well, here’s the irony.  What I suggest is that you do what Dino Gomez used to do, before he got into Facebook ads.  Which is free traffic.  Or search engine optimization (SEO) for all you nerds.  Basically, what I’m doin’ here.  Writing about sh*t buyers are already searching for… in Google… and letting ’em come to you.

Why’s it better than running Facebook ads for small businesses?  If you think about it, it solves all of the problems I just pointed out.

You can do this for any niche, because there’s always someone who’s ready to buy, doing a Google search for that product or service.  You don’t have to time anything.  Put the website up and let prospects come to you.  This also produces better leads because you’re not annoying someone on Facebook; these are folks who went out of their way to find you.  Therefore, businesses are happier with the service and stick around longer.  Meaning, more residual money for you.

Then there’s the biggie: the fact that with free traffic, everything the biz owner pays you is profit.  You’re not getting gouged by rising ad costs.

Also, you own and control the asset.  It’s like investing in real estate, only online.  You’re building something that you can rent the results of month after month… for years to come… and still sell it one day for a massive payout.  Can you do this with FB?  F*ck no.  In fact, you’re one mistake away from getting your account shut down – and poof, you’re out of business.  Happens all the time.

Last, because SEO’s so old school, everyone’s leaving it for the new, shiny sh*t (like Facebook ads).  So, believe it or not, competition’s been goin’ down – not up.

Nobody wants to sell SEO courses because it’s not sexy.  Everyone wants Facebook, Instagram, Shopify – whatever’s hot in the moment.

But if you’re still here, reading this, clearly… it’s effective AF.  Ya can’t argue that.  Now imagine doing this for any business in any city, with a simple little website that you can throw up in one afternoon… with zero tech skills… even if you’re not a good writer… even if you know nothing about ranking in Google or getting leads.

And you can rinse and repeat as many times as you want.  And have very very few expenses (we’re talkin’ a few bucks for domains and hosting and a tracking phone number that routes all your calls to the actual biz owner, and that’s it)… so that all of your income is yours to keep.

How’s that sound?  Like popsicles and baby giggles?  That’s what I thought.

And I’ve got great news: my millionaire mentor can show you how, step-by-step.  Simply go here.

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