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Future Net Worth

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Future net worth: Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, aka Future, is a rapper with a net worth of $38 million dollars. Here are 10 Future facts.

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1. Future’s birthday is November 20, 1983. He grew up in the ATL. His dad split when he was 10. His mom, who worked as a 911 operator, routinely left him with his drug-addicted aunts and uncles.

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2. Future took a liking to rap after his friend freestyled a Too Short song in third grade. He was also naturally drawn to emotionally-charged music. His grandmother used to sing “Amazing Grace” around the house; Future appreciated the pain and struggle you could feel throughout the melody.

Future Red Jumpsuit

3. He loves Shakespeare. “When I went to school, I would read Shakespeare and just fell in love with how he mixed his words. I started playing around and writing poems, reading poems,” Future recalls.

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4. Future began rapping in his early-teens. He went by his childhood nickname, Meathead. His cousin, Rico, who just so happened to make beats for OutKast, Goodie Mob and other local Atlanta emcees, later invited him to join a short-lived musical group known as The Dungeon Family. The other members dubbed him “The Future,” which is how he got his current stage name.

Future Catching A Beat

5. When he was 17, he was shot in the hand. It only made him more committed to the street life. After that, Future was fearless. Ruthless. It wasn’t until he saw a few friends get sentenced to life in prison that he decided to change his ways. And when he did, he knew rap was his way out.

Future Yacht Time

6. Before Future blew up, he was writing songs and catchy choruses for other Atlanta artists. For example, he penned the hook for Ludacris’ hit song, “Blueberry Yum Yum.” His big break came in 2011, when he wrote YC’s smash single, “Racks,” which was then remixed by several heavy hitters, including Lil Wayne.

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7. It’s no secret Future Auto-Tunes his tracks. T-Pain, who popularized Auto-Tune, has criticized his unorthodox use of it. Other critics say it’s overdone. In fact, Future’s 2011 single “Tony Montana” is widely considered the first-ever “mumble rap” song. His fans beg to differ. And GQ best articulates their stance: “Future has managed to reboot the tired Auto-Tune sound and mash it into something entirely new,” adding that he “combines it with a bizarro croon to synthesize how he feels, then stretches and deteriorates his words until they’re less like words, more like raw energy and reactive emotions.”

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8. Future is known for his marathon studio sessions. Twenty hour stretches are not uncommon. He has said that the studio is the only place he feels at peace. The fact that it keeps him out of trouble is a bonus. Also, he understands: the more he’s in there, the better the odds of capturing magic. Like when his voice cracks just right on a hook. Because of all the hours logged over the years, he has thousands of unreleased songs.

Future Focused In Studio

9. He models Jimi Hendrix. “It was rare to hear a black dude then [growing up] that was a rock and roll star at the peak of his game,” Future once said about Hendrix. “It was special. I wanna be one of those special guys. Jimi Hendrix wasn’t afraid of who he was. That’s the part I emulate.”

Future Finger To The Sky

10. Future has eight kids, eight different mothers. One of which he had with singer Ciara, who he was engaged to before she broke it off because he allegedly cheated on her. Ciara later sued him for defamation. Another one of the eight sued him for not paying child support.

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