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Iman Gadzhi Net Worth, SMMA Secrets

Iman Gadzhi AgencyIman Gadzhi was born in the slums of Russia. His father was an abusive alcoholic who split before Iman was even born. His mother was busy working three jobs, so Iman was raised by his grandmother.

When Iman was three years old, his mother married a wealthy man who lived in London. They moved in with him. Next thing you know, Iman’s in private school, on top of the world.

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However, over the years, his step-dad started doing his mom dirty. Something about an escort service, but Iman didn’t get into any details. They’re now divorced.

Anyways. At around 13 or 14, Iman begin buying, building out, and flipping Instagram accounts. Unfortunately, at 16, his little side hustle was derailed when he started hanging out with the wrong crowd, partying, doing drugs.

Eventually, he realizes he needs to get his sh*t together and take care of his mom. Iman begins reading a book a week, meditating, working out regularly. He notices his club soccer team has an awful online presence, so he pitches ’em on running their social media for four hundred bucks a month. They agree. Just like that, Iman had launched his SMMA.

Soon, he’d picked up another client—this time, a big gym that was willing to pay $2,500 per month. At this point, Iman dropped out of high school to focus solely on his agency.

In a matter of months, he was pulling in $15k per month. His approach to landing new clients was simple: send ’em a DM on Instagram; have ’em check out a short video where he’d reveal three ways they were leaving money on the table; if they wanted to know more, he’d meet ’em in person; close ’em; rinse and repeat.

Iman Gadzhi Entrepreneur

Two problems though. One, Iman didn’t feel respected. Two, because he was just curating content and posting to their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels, he couldn’t show his clients the return they were (or were not) getting. So each month, he was on the chopping block.

To counter this, he learned Facebook ads and repackaged his offer based purely on ROI. This way, he could prove his worth to each business he was working with. Boom. Iman leapfrogged to $50k months.

Once he put systems and talented teammates in place, that doubled to $100k a month. After plateauing there for a bit, he hired a mentor, Sam Ovens, and now he’s at $200k per month. Obviously, adding courses and coaching to his social media marketing agency didn’t hurt.

Speaking of which, Iman’s new goal is to change the e-learning game. He’ll do this by not just teaching tricks and tactics, but addressing limiting beliefs, things like sleep quality, morning routine, diet, habits, personal relationships, the whole shebang.

When pressed for his best words of wisdom, Iman had this to say: “Always think about IPAs: Income Producing Activities. That’s number one. Number two is, you don’t have business problems; you have personal problems that are manifesting in your business.”

“And I guess the last thing I’d say is, wherever you go, there you are. Don’t think that when you hit six figures or seven figures, all of your problems are gonna go away. If I could do one thing over, I’d go back in time and tell myself, no matter how much money you make, always put your presence, your gratitude and your happiness first,” he added.

Iman Gadzhi has an approximate net worth of $4.5 million dollars at the time of writing this. As he enrolls thousands of new students into this programs, that number will continue to snowball. Even if his agency income goes down. Which it probably will because, let’s be honest, selling the how-to is way more scalable.

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