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Reaction: Jeff And Jessica Samis’ “Become The House” Facebook Ad

Profit League House Versus Gambler Ad

Nifty little ad I just saw from Jeff and Jessica Samis… for their coaching program called The Profit League.  Which read like so:

In the end, the house always wins.

And gamblers go broke.

Why is that?

Cuz casinos call the shots.  They create the games.  And each game has odds that are in their favor.

So, over time, they’re guaranteed to come out ahead.  Right?

It’s just math.

And even if gamblers get lucky here and there?

The casino still cashes-in on hotel stays, restaurants, gift shops, nightclubs, shows, concerts, sports, and more.

Plus, think about it:

They can “sell” to anyone who’s of age.

And their “product” – a carefully concocted mix of fun, excitement, possibility, even an escape from reality?

Well, that’s pretty desirable.  Is it not?

All things considered, it’s no wonder the house makes big money… predictably, consistently, year after year… after year!

“Cool story, guys.  What’s your point?”


Why not do the same?

Only, with your internet business?

Like, instead of:

Praying for a jackpot on the ol’ direct sales slot machine?

Or rolling the dice on drop-shipping?

Or splitting eights on e-comm?

Or betting on red with affiliate marketing?

(Cuz you know that ball’s gonna bounce outta red and into green, of all things, at the last second.)

(“Gee, Randy Roulette, wanna spit in my mixed drink after you take all my chips?  Jerk.  When’s Ann back from break, anydamnway?”)

Where was I?

Oh yeah, or getting “rivered” on the next gimmick?

Why not just become the house?

That’s what we’ve done.

By the way, it’s Jeff and Jessica Samis from:


And, yeah:

We gave up “gambling” on businesses with no control, awful odds, tiny payouts, stiff competition, and bad breaks.

And instead, became the house:

  • Created a new game.
  • Made up our own rules.
  • Gave ourselves the edge.
  • We can sell to everyone.
  • And they all want it, bad!
  • And will happily pay for it.
  • So no more risk or uncertainty.

Even better, our clients don’t need to lose in order for us to win.

In fact, the more they win, the more we win.

Wanna know what we do?

Here it is: we sell profit.

Hence, the URL:


And we do this by creating fun little ads, like this one.

For whoever wants it.

Know anybody who does?  (Want more profit?)

Exactly.  Urrbody.

Small businesses, huge corporations, offline entrepreneurs, online marketers, network marketers, coaches, consultants, gurus, you name it.

Which is why, as you might’ve guessed, we’re willing to show you the ropes.

(We can’t serve the whole world, silly.)

There’s plenty of room for you to do this, too, if you’d like to learn.

If so, we filmed a short video that explains everything in detail.

And you can watch it, instantly, without spending a dime.

How’s that sound?  Fair?

Cool.  So slide on over to this page here:


Then tell us which email address we should send the video to.

Check your inbox, press play, go from there.

If you’re not feeling it?  Unsubscribe from our emails, and we won’t bother you again.

Or, if you dig it?  Maybe you’ll consider applying for our do-it-with-ya program sometime in the near future.

Totally up to you.

Either way, you’re in control.

So, last call:

Copy the casinos.  Up your odds.  Win at business.

Here’s how:


See you in the free video,

Jeff & Jessica Samis

My reaction, in a word?  Impressed.  And that’s not easy to do.  Just ask these guys.

And the reason I say that is – finally! – a Facebook ad that came up with a “big idea” and stuck to that theme throughout.  Right?

Most ads are knockoffs of Frank Kern or Russell Brunson or Tai Lopez.  Predictable, uninspired, snoozy.  Plus, erratic.  Like the author sneezed all over the computer screen and hit publish.

Not these guys.

“Here, hold my beer,” I imagine Jeff told Jess, once the “house versus gambler” idea first came to him.

Then proceeded to lock himself away in his home office, fingers dancing across the keyboard, till the masterpiece was finished.  Only to re-emerge 13 hours later, exhausted, smelling like a hot dumpster.  But hey.  Had himself one helluva Facebook ad.  And Jess concurred.  And ran it, and ran it hard.  And leads and sales and compliments it got.

At least, that’s how I see it happenin’ in my head.  Either way, I give it an “A” for creativity, consistency (from image to headline to analogies to URL to squeeze page – they definitely went all in on the casino concept), personality (several funny and relatable one-liners sprinkled in there), and flow (super readable).

Well done, guys.

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