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Billy Gene Net Worth

Billy Gene Shaw

Billy Gene net worth: Billy Gene Shaw is an internet marketer with an estimated net worth of $9 million dollars.

How’d homie do it?  His story begins with the worst job ever:

Makin’ 600 cold calls a day, trying to convince people to sign up for courses and get their degree, online, through this sketchy school.

Where, if they did, all they got were some sloppy PDF documents.  Worse, Billy found out the CEO of this company was rakin’ in like $25 million a year.

So the next day, he was all: “Nah, son.  I quit.”

Mind you, at this point in time, he’s broke AF, still living with mom.  Which wasn’t all bad cuz she makes a mean meal.  But still.  He had to figure his sh*t the f*ck out.

So what’d he do?  Well, being the clever guy he is, he licensed a how-to-quit-smoking program.  Noble.  Digitally-delivered.  Simple, scalable.  Only, there was one small problem.  Billy was struggling to get customers.

That’s when he stumbled across Facebook ads.  Launched one.  Made $5… while he slept.  Bingo!

Started calling up businesses, telling ’em he could do the same thing for them.  Got smarter.  Made a video sales letter.  Ran traffic to that.  Was worried nobody’d buy cuz here’s this young, black, quirky college dropout… but it didn’t matter… boy had skills.

So all of a sudden Billy Gene jumps to $10k per month and now he’s feelin’ like King Sh*t of F*ck Mountain.  Right?

By the way, let’s not miss that takeaway: they don’t care if you’re purple and say the word p*ssy in your pitch, as long as you’re the truth.


He kept goin’.  Kept growin’.  Kept crushin’ it for clients.  Became friends with many of them.  Collected case studies and testimonials.  Flaunted those to get even more clients.

And, sooner or later, created his own online school – one with real deliverables, where you could learn real life-changing skills.  Like, ya know, how to scale a business to seven figures with advertising.

Which, by now, Billy Gene had graduated to other platforms, like Instagram and YouTube, where his showmanship stood out even more.  Right?

So there’s another lesson from ol’ Billy Jobs (up there): like, boring doesn’t sell.  Entertainment is no longer optional.  Be interesting or be extinct.  That’s why Billy’s brand – Billy Gene Is Marketing – has a tagline that goes: “Entertain.  Educate.  Execute.”  (Notice the first word there.)

And whether it’s a skit or a music video or a baby blue Bentley prop, they live it, don’t they?  Team Billy Gene’s ads are seen and shared millions of times, and, most important, they generate millions in revenue.

Anyhow.  The end.  If you’d like to turn clicks into customers, with style points, perhaps you need some Billy Gene in your life.

Cory Johnson: your momma’s neighbor’s side chick’s last Uber Eats delivery guy’s third-favorite blogger. Here’s how he makes millions of dollars blogging without being bothered.