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Reviewing 30 Days Of Geneius By Billy Gene

Billy Gene Bank Statements

In a video ad from Billy Gene that I just saw, he says the average bank statement has 166 withdrawals and only two deposits. Yet, people somehow expect to get ahead.

They wanna travel, go on vacation. “How?” Billy screams.

“There’s not enough deposits happening. Not enough people are playing offense. Not enough people are focused on how to generate income,” he continues.

The problem? Paralysis by analysis. Billy says people flat-out don’t know what to sell, or how, so they do nothing. The fix?

“Well, here’s what you gotta understand about money: people get paid to solve problems. It’s very simple. Doctors solve big problems so they can get paid. Lawyers solve problems so they can get paid…”

“What problems can you solve?” he asks. “That’s the key to offense.”

“So here’s what I did: I made a 9-minute video showing you exactly what I’d do if I had 24-hours to generate income and I had no team, no money, no brand, no fancy stuff—just me, starting from scratch. And I just had my laptop and social media.”

“If you’re in a position right now where you need to learn about offense, click the button, I’ll send you the video. It’s free. It costs you nothing. Watch it,” he says.

Hmm. Don’t mind if I do. Lemme click and opt-in and see if it’s any good.

Billy Gene starts from scratch

Billy Gene Give This A Try Now

I press play and and Billy gets right down to business. To make money, he says, remember the M.U.S.T. acronym:

  • Massive problem
  • Unique solution
  • Starving market
  • Timing

And what better way to satisfy all four criteria than to help business owners get more customers, right?

Then he walks through a very high-level overview of how you could setup a Facebook ad for a brick and mortar biz.

Which is all fine and dandy, but in his YouTube ad, he said you wouldn’t need money… is the only thing. Other than that, decent little video.

Of course, it led to a pitch for his 30 Days Of “Geneius” Step-By-Step Plan.

Basically, Billy sends you an email every day with a snack-sized video and instructions; you watch, read, and repeat after him—for a month straight. You also get access to a private Facebook group (with more than 9,000 members) for support.

Price? Billy says you can grab it for 80% off ($60) if you beat the stupid countdown timer. For $29.95 more, you can tack on his sales scripts, books, a keynote speech, and objection handling flash cards.

Guarantee? Sort of. It’s one of those action-based promises where, if you can prove you went through it all and did all the steps and you’re still unhappy, Team Gene will throw ya your $60 back.

At the time of writing this, he’s got a rating of 4.8 outta 5 stars after nearly 800 reviews.

Verdict? Strong offer. Affordable. Love me some Billy Gene even if he is a juicehead. But I didn’t love the misdirection about not needing money or the fake scarcity.

More than that, though, I like how he skips right past the most important part: how the hell you gonna get clients to pay you? I’m assuming that’s like day one of 30 Days Of Geneius, right? If not, it’s all for nothing.

On that note: wanna see how we land clients? Using free traffic from Google? Cool, watch this.

Genius versus Geneius

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