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Facebook Ad Headline Generator (Kinda-Sorta)

Great Ad Headlines Facebook

Facebook ad headline generator: I’ve got something even better.  It’s called Reader’s Digest.  Heard of it?  Thought you probably had.  It’s only one of the largest magazines in the world.

Fun fact: they reach more readers who make at least six figures than Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and Inc. combined.

Anyways, enough cupping their balls.

Let’s talk about you and your Facebook ads.  So if you want winning headlines without a bunch of brainstorming and testing, do this: simply go to RD.com and swipe away.

How come?

Well, their article headlines are written by some of the world’s best copywriters.  And they’re known for running ads to poll the masses – and let them determine the catchiest titles for future issues.

Which means:

They ain’t just wingin’ it over there.  Reader’s Digest uses top talent plus 96 years of data (that’s how long they’ve been at it) plus nonstop surveying to piece together words that win – and win big.

And it’s all right there for the taking.

I mean, say you run Facebook ads for chiropractors.  On their home page right now is an article with the following headline:

Five Signs Your Body Is Telling You To Address Your Knee Pain

Boom, there’s your next Facebook ad hook… assuming you’ve got a chiropractor client with a solid solution for knee pain.

Or maybe you sell smart drugs.  How ’bout this:

Do These 10 Things To Keep Your Brain Sharp And Healthy Later in Life

An interesting long-form Facebook ad with that headline and a cool picture?  Fuhgeddaboutit.  Instant winner.

What’s that?  You wanna blow up your head hunting business?  No sweat:

The Highest-Paying Job In Every State

Not only did they write your headline, but they did the research and wrote most of the ad too.  Just remember to paraphrase ’em – not just straight-up copy – and give ’em props.

Let’s do one more:

Promoting your travel website?  Here ya go:

9 Cheap Beach Vacations To Take With Your Family

And so on and so forth.  Bottom line: use that resource.  And happy headlinin’.

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