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GetClients.com Review: The Ugly Truth

Get Clients Reviews

GetClients.com founder Dan Henry’s latest controversial comments had course creators up in arms. I’ll review what he said in a sec. But first, here’s a case study about creating digital real estate:

Okay, back to Dan Henry and his unorthodox advice.

Here’s what he said: “If you’re struggling with the idea that your online course must have fancy graphics, a fancy dashboard, slick formatting, and must look really good in order for it to sell; and more importantly, in order for your students to get value? Well, not only is that unnecessary, but it can also hurt sales; and not only that, but [it could hurt] your students’ results!”

Now, even For Dan “Digital Millionaire Coach” Henry, who’s known for having no filter, it was surprising to hear. Like, wait, you’re sayin’ UGLY courses will not only make us more money, but will get our students better results?

Yep. He claims the minute he redid one of his sloppier-looking programs and upped the aesthetics—with better lighting, crisper audio, higher-def video, and professional graphics—all of a sudden, there was a “massive revolt in his student community.”

“Everyone was freaking out,” Henry said. “And I was like, ‘Whoa, what is going on? What’s the problem?'”

Come to find out, they were butt-hurt about losing access to the old, rough-cut videos—which were easier to follow and easier to understand.

“So I literally deleted all those videos that I’d spent months creating, and replaced ’em with the same ones I had—just put ’em all back,” Dan explained. “And everybody was so happy!”

“And I was sitting there, and I was just like, ‘What?! I can’t believe I wasted all this time doing this when I could’ve just went out and grew my sales more or just spent more time with my wife… or whatever it was,” he laughed.

Know who’s not tryin’ to hear that? Sam Ovens students. Nope, they wanna believe you need a Fortune 500 feel in order to be successful. Like Sam’s Consulting.com brand:

Consulting.com Home Page

Ditto Russ Ruffino mentees. Most of whom have probably spent several months and tens of thousands of dollars on professional photography and graphic design so they can emulate ClientsOnDemand.com:


As for me, I don’t think it’s that black and white. One look at Millyuns and you can see my personal preference is more Henry than high-end, but I don’t know that I’d go so far as to say “polished” is detrimental to sales and student success rate.

But Dan Henry is right: it’s certainly not necessary. And he did end the video with some anecdotal evidence about how #BasicB*tch websites are easier on the brain, and therefore, more consumable. They don’t wear you out like busier sites with intense graphics do.

He cites Craigslist as one example of a website that hasn’t changed its look in decades; and yet, it hasn’t fallen off in popularity. Dan might be on to something there. That, or Craigslist just realized pedophiles preferred simplicity. (*Ba dum tiss!)

My advice? Do you. Your funnels, websites, products, and services should reflect who you are. Your style, your voice, your preferences.

Me? I’m someone who writes these reviews in swimming trunks, no shirt, overlooking a beach or pool, with hip-hop playing in the background. I believe my message is all that matters, and so everything’s built around readability and user experience. Guess that makes me the Craigslist of blogging. But way less rape-y.

Oh, and I’d feel phony as f*ck wearing a blazer, posing with Ruffino’s “corporate crew” above. They look like folks I would not wanna grab a beer with. On the flip side, I’d probably do some shots with Dan. As long as he didn’t start talking about Batman.

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