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Mitch Gonsalves Reviews (Executive Advantage “Documentary”)


Mitch Gonsalves has a new documentary for founders and CEOs of high-ticket service companies. It covers how he makes millions selling services to other businesses using automation, LinkedIn and a commission-only sales team.

Before I critique his “documentary,” here’s a business where you don’t have to wear a blue blazer, pose in front of a yacht or pretend to be a CEO—when really, you’re working out of a tiny, sad apartment.

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Alright, so I clicked on Mitch’s Facebook ad and signed up to watch his supposed Netflix-adjacent documentary.

He begins by bashing “hyped up internet marketing gurus” like Dan Lok and Kevin David. Which is ironic because Mitch Gonsalves, to me, looks like the remainder of Dan Peña slapping the sifu outta Dan Lok.

Mitch Gonsalves tries to look successful

Mitch Gonsalves Reviews

Let’s ignore the $5 IKEA bookshelf and the “Rubberband Racks” canvas art he bought from IKONICK for $129.99, though, and try to take this guy serious. (Tanner Chidester just called; wants his poster back.)

Mitch Gonsalves claims, last year, he went from zero to $1.3 million. His company? Executive Advantage.

Wait. Isn’t that this? So he’s made the majority of his money selling us the “how to make money” system? Classic!

And he’s got two business partners? Hmm. So if I divide $1.3 million by three and subtract ad spend, sales commissions, software, tools, taxes, etc.—Mitch might’ve pocketed a little over six figures in 2019. Would you wear a suit around the crib and cut promo vids in front of a yacht at that income level? (Yeah, me neither.)

Equally hilarious is how he goes straight into his pitch. Dude had no issue lying to everyone, calling this a documentary.

It’s honestly hard to sit through. Fast-Talking Mitch just goes on and on and on. And while he seems to know his stuff, it’s nothing earth-shattering. Niche down. Better copy. Prospect. Pre-sell. Pitch. Close. You’ve heard it all before.

I will give him credit though: he’s got a good process in place for getting qualified leads off of LinkedIn.

Other than that, it was 50 or so painful minutes of building to the offer.

Why work with Executive Advantage?

Executive Advantage Overview

Mitch and his team will apparently help you do all the things. So book your call below, he says, “and let’s throw dynamite on your business and blow it up!”

No mention of how much Executive Advantage costs. If I had to guess, I’d say $10k.

The “documentary” closes with some clips of “results” past clients have gotten. Most of whom are coaches who coach coaches or digital marketers who do digital marketing for digital marketers.

Do you see what I’m getting at here? This space is a cesspool of Sam Ovens students repackaging what they learned, maybe adding one thing from another course they took (LinkedIn prospecting, for example), all fighting over Russ Ruffino’s scraps.

And now they’re all talking about “scaling to 7-figures” when they, themselves, have a net worth of like $350k. I mean, it’s adorable.

I wouldn’t be so hard on these guys if they weren’t such posers.

Mitch Gonsalves: from polo to power suit in two years

It’s difficult to find an exact number, but roughly 0.07% of people in the U.S. regularly earn $1 million or more per year.

Yet, if you work with Executive Advantage, as per the slide above, you’ll definitely make $100k to $1 million A MONTH. (Which is $1.2 to $12 million a year!)

So if Mitch and all of Sam’s children are telling the truth, and they’re all enrolling hundreds, if not thousands of members into their programs, we can expect that number to skyrocket over the next few years, right? *Giggle.

Look, I have no issue with you saying, “Out of 3,000 people that have joined so far, two of them are now millionaires.”

Okay, that makes sense, statistically. I’ll buy that. But when your whole pitch implies “scaling to 7-9 figures” is typical? GTFOH.

Wanna see something more realistic? Where, if you work hard and have patience, you might make $750 per month semi-passively? (And then you can rinse and repeat?) If so, read every word of the following article.

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