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Lil Gotit Net Worth

Lil Gotit Freshman Class

Lil Gotit net worth: Semaja Zair Render, who goes by Lil Gotit, is a rapper with a net worth of $1 million dollars. So how’d he do it? Keep reading.

Lil Gotit Hood Baby

1. Lil Gotit’s birthday is August 6, 1999. He was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He has six siblings, of which he is the youngest. His brother, Lil Keed—who is one year older—also raps.

Lil Gotit Lil Keed Brothers

2. Lil Gotit was kicked out of high school his freshman year for fighting. When a close friend of his was shot and killed, he was motivated to take rap serious. He began releasing mixtapes and collaborating with his brother, building buzz locally. Young Thug, who grew up in the same neighborhood, became his mentor.

Lil Gotit Green Background

3. Lil Gotit had become one of Atlanta’s hottest new hip-hop artists. He secured a deal with Alamo Records and dropped his debut album, Hood Baby, in November of 2018. He’s earned cosigns and features from trending rappers like Gunna, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, and Lil Uzi Vert.

Lil Gotit Gunna Shopping

4. How did Lil Gotit get his stage name? He used to go by Lil Maja Gotit, based on his desire to “have it all,” but it was too long. So eventually, he just shortened it to Lil Gotit.

Lil Gotit Shades

5. Driven by his burning desire to become a millionaire, provide for family and friends, and yes, acquire lots of material possessions, Lil Gotit developed a strong work ethic early-on. He’s always at the studio and keeps plenty of drugs, spicy food and pretty ladies on hand.

Lil Gotit Studio Time

6. When asked about his music-making process, he says he freestyles everything. “Yeah, I don’t write nothing. I haven’t written anything ever. Me and Keed, we don’t write nothing. Folks be surprised when I say that, but we don’t write nothing—literally.”

Lil Gotit New Music

7. Lil Gotit got his first tattoo at 17, opting to go straight for the face. His mom was supportive and threw him a tattoo party at her house. She got one too. He now has “Lil Gotit” tatted above his right eyebrow and “Hood Baby” across his neck, which he said hurt like hell.

Lil Gotit Up Close

8. Lil Gotit has a serious shopping problem. After dropping 20 racks on shoes and designer belts at Neiman Marcus, his label told him to pump the brakes. It’s tough because he grew up never having anything, so now he wants it all, but he’s trying to start saving some of his money. One day he’d like to transition from consumer to creator and come out with his own fashion line.

Lil Gotit House

9. Lil Gotit has also been very open about his recreational drug use. He talks a lot about poppin’ Percs (short for Percocet, the prescription pain killer) and even does so when he goes Live on Instagram, but claims he “ain’t no addict.”

Lil Gotit Camo Jacket

10. Lil Gotit was seen on Instagram Live cozying up with little miss “Cash Me Outside” aka Bhad Bhabie, sparking rumors the two were dating. In 2017, he had a son with one of his ex-girlfriends.

Lil Gotit YSL Chain

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