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Dean Graziosi Net Worth

Dean Graziosi Wealth Principles

Dean Graziosi net worth: Dean Graziosi is an internet guru with an estimated net worth of $35 million dollars.  Here’s the dirt on Dean.

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1. Dean Graziosi grew up in Marlboro, New York.  When he was three, his parents divorced and his grandma helped raise him.  Dean’s family was poor and they relocated often.  By the time he was 19, they’d moved more than 20 times.

Dean Graziosi Luxury House

2. Dean graduated high school but never attended college.  Instead, he dove head-first in entrepreneurship.  By 20, he was profitably flipping cars and completed his first real estate deal—finding a clever way to purchase an old run-down apartment with no money down.  It was then that he became obsessed with real estate investing.

Dean Graziosi Money Mapping

3. Despite being a public figure who speaks on stages and records high-stakes infomercials, Graziosi calls himself an introvert.  At school functions, for example, he has said he’s more comfortable talking to the kids than the adults.

Backyard Basketball Dean Graziosi

4. His late-night make-money-in-real-estate commercials have been running, daily, on American TV for 16 years now.  He is considered one of the top real estate educators in the world.

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5. Dean has authored five books that break down his best business, mindset and real estate investing strategies.  Collectively, millions of copies have been sold.

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6. For over a decade, Dean has put on live events in cities all over the US.  Reviews are mixed.  Critics have said that they use Dean’s name to get you to attend, and half the time he doesn’t even show.  Others say the events are nothing more than pitch fests for higher-priced courses, programs and masterminds.  Roughly two-thirds of all reviews are positive, however, with some calling the experience life-changing.

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7. More recently, Dean partnered with Tony Robbins to create both the Knowledge Business Blueprint and the Knowledge Broker Blueprint.  These KBB programs teach people how to monetize what they (or someone else) knows by packaging it up and turning it into a scalable workshop or digital product.  Dean and Tony continue to promote this offer aggressively with YouTube ads.

Dean Graziosi Tony Robbins

8. Dean’s company, JBB Enterprises, LLC, manages his real estate holdings and flips.  Graziosi claims he still does hundreds of deals each and every year.  His mission is to create generational wealth and stay on the cutting edge of real estate investing.

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9. In 2007, Graziosi created Operation Free Home which provides one year of free housing to those in need.  He also cofounded The Centurion Mastermind Group which has raised and donated north of $1 million dollars to Sir Richard Branson’s charity, Virgin Unite.  He has personally donated thousands to disaster relief organizations.

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10. Dean Graziosi had two kids (Breana and Brody) with his first wife, who he divorced in 2018.  He has since remarried Lisa Palacios—also an entrepreneur, whose company, Extension Bar, offers custom hair extensions.  She and Dean had a baby boy (Luca) in March of 2020.

Dean Graziosi New Wife

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