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Tee Grizzley Net Worth

Tee Grizzley Gets Rich

Tee Grizzley net worth: Terry Sanchez Wallace Jr., aka Tee Grizzley, is a rapper with a net worth of $2.5 million dollars.  Here are 10 things you need to know about him.

Tee Grizzley Detroit Michigan

1. Tee Grizzley’s date of birth is March 23, 1994.  He was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  His parents were in and out of prison, so his grandma looked after him.  In 2012, his dad was murdered.  Throughout school, he boxed and played football.

Tee Grizzley Interview

2. Tee Grizzley became interested in rap while in junior high.  He and some friends created a hip-hop group known as All Stars Ball Hard; and, based on that, Tee was originally called ASBH Tee.  The group started uploading their music to YouTube, but things fizzled out when Tee graduated high school and went to college.

Tee Grizzley Smoking

3. Tee Grizzley went to Michigan State University to study finance and accounting.  Low on money, he and a friend stole $20,000 worth of cash and electronics from other dorm rooms.  They were caught and then released, pending investigation.  Tee then fled to Kentucky where he was again arrested for trying to rob a jewelry store.  For that, he was sentenced to nine months.  While behind bars, he got an additional 18 months for the Michigan State heist.  He was released in October of 2016.

Tee Grizzley Performs New Music

4. While locked up, he got the nickname Grizzly because he was big and aggressive, like a grizzly bear.  With nothing better to do, Tee doubled-down on rapping.  He wrote his first mixtape.  Then, as soon as he got out, he went to work, dropping his debut single, “First Day Out,” under the new name, Tee Grizzley.  It racked up more than a million views on YouTube in the first week alone.  When his mixtape, My Moment, came out, LeBron James gave it a shoutout on his Instagram, tripling sales.  Tee would later sign with 300 Entertainment in 2017.

Tee Grizzley Backstage

5. After a family member asked Tee Grizzley for $120,000 and his barber asked him for $15,000, Tee said he no longer wears designer clothes or jewelry around them.  And if they still ask, he says he’s waiting on his record label to get paid.

Tee Grizzley Rolls Royce

6. Tee Grizzley said his biggest challenge these days is just having the discipline to do what needs done.  He has the momentum and the connections; now he just needs to continue to work hard each and every day.

Tee Grizzley Rockstar

7. The craziest thing Tee Grizzley has bought with his money so far is a Bentley truck.  Depending on the trim level and options, these can go for as much as a quarter million dollars.  But with that brief college background in finance and lots of time spent behind bars reading business books, Tee says he’s actually pretty responsible with his money.  He likes to showoff material things on Instagram to inspire other kids coming up in the ghetto.

Tee Grizzley Holding Money

8. Tee Grizzley regularly returns to his old block and visits schools all over Detroit, to motivate the kids to make something of their lives.  His story is powerful.  He attended the worst high school in Detroit, got good grades, scored a 24 on his ACT, and made it into Michigan State—why can’t they?

Tee Grizzley With Dog

9. Like 50 Cent, Tee wants to make a movie about his life.  Since he went to prison, got out, and made something of himself, Tee thinks it’s the perfect comeback story and would do well on the big screen.

Tee Girzzley Girlfriend

10. Tee Grizzley is thought to be dating the woman in the picture above.  He has no kids.  Sadly, his aunt, who was also his manager, was killed in a drive-by shooting in 2019.  The shooters meant to hit Tee.  They have yet to be identified.

Tee Grizzley Studio

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