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GrooveFunnels Review: Buyer Beware Says Skeptic

Groove Funnels

ClickFunnels has a younger, uglier brother, GrooveFunnels, that’s been running around the internet, saying, “Look at me! Look what I can do!”

In fact, in the YouTube ad I just watched, cofounders Mike Filsaime and John Cornetta claimed Groove Funnels was now the fastest-growing marketing funnel and landing page builder on the planet.

Should Russell Brunson be worried? Should you care? Maybe even switch to (or sign up at) GrooveFunnels.com? Or become an affiliate? Read on for my GrooveFunnels review. Or, concerns, I should say.

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Complaint #1: Also in the YouTube ad, John says, “Check this out: in the last 60 days, Groove went from a $3 million dollar a year company to over $35 million dollars.”

At that growth rate, he predicts they’ll “smash” the $100 million dollar mark next year.

Okaaaay. And? Like, that’s your pitch? You and former seller of slimy get rich quick products, Mr. Mike Filsaime, are making lots of money… so therefore I should come give you more? Lame.

Complaint #2: The reason they’re stealing market share from their older, potato gun-building brother, Russell Brunson, is because, while he’s charging $99 to $299 per month, GrooveFunnels is “free for life.” And you’ll “never need a credit card.”

Hmm. Then how are y’all making so much money? What’s the catch?

Well, come to find out, they’re only telling you a tiny piece of the story.

See, the “free plan” is basically worthless. If you want custom domains, multiple landing pages, and access to the “cool stuff,” you’ll need to upgrade.

And when you do, it’s pretty confusing. Best I can tell, you’re looking at about $188 per month or $1,397 as a one-time fee.

So to run ads saying the entire thing is free for life and that you’ll never need a credit card? That’s super misleading if you ask me.

Complaint #3: They say another thing that makes them different is that they’re not waking up every day, trying to sell you more info products like big bro. Nope. Their only concern is making their software best in class.

If true, that would be great. Let’s be honest: I need to see another Russell Brunson sales page like I need an enlarged prostate. (Not very bad.)

However, the last thing the Groove guys do in their ad is brag up their affiliate program and how they pay weekly commissions.

Is GrooveFunnels just a pyramid scheme with makeup on?

Mike Filsaime John Cornetta

Because, when you look into it, it starts to feel real MLM-y. And I’ll tell you why.

First, you need to upgrade to the highest (most expensive) plan to jump from 20 to 40% commissions. That’s multi-level marketing 101. “Pay us more for a chance to earn more.”

Second, you get a 20% commission on “second tier passive promotions.” Oh, so like a pyramid, right?

Third, because of this, you can’t go anywhere online without running into some money-hungry affiliate who of course is gonna say GrooveFunnels is all that and a chocolate-dipped frozen banana.

So good luck finding any real reviews. When money’s on the line, you’ll never get the full truth. Even if someone’s bashing it, guess what? They’ve got something else they wanna sell you.

(Including me. Although, it’s got nothing to do with frigging funnels.)

Complaint #4: have you seen their templates? Looking like a busted ’03 Ford Taurus! What’d they do, outsource the designs to some schmuck in Bangladesh for four rupees?

I could go on and on. But, needless to say, I’m not a fan. Worse, we’re all about to get peppered with promos for GrooveFunnels and it’s gonna get real old real quick.

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