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Gunna Net Worth

Gunna Guns Roses

Gunna net worth: Sergio Giavanni Kitchens, aka Gunna, is a rapper with a net worth of $4.5 million dollars.  How well do you know Gunna?  Keep reading.

Gunna Studio Time

1. Gunna’s birthday is June 14, 1993.  He was born and raised in College Park, near Atlanta, Georgia.  He has four older brothers, one of which died due to gun violence in 2006.  Gunna graduated from Langston Hughes High School and tried one year of college before dropping out.

Gunna Blue Vette

2. Gunna, inspired by Atlanta rappers such as T.I., Future, Cam’ron and Jim Jones, started rapping at 15.  He wasn’t serious at first, but after hearing his own voice on a song, he decided he was pretty good and began working harder at it.  Gunna incorporates a lot of the style and slang he learned growing up in Atlanta into his songs.

Gunna Album Cover

3. Gunna lists Jay-Z, Young Thug and Nipsey Hussle as his role models in business.  If music didn’t work out, he says he would have been an entrepreneur.  He wants the younger generation to know that you don’t have to rap to make it big; you can invest and “run your money up.”

Bathroom Money Bands Gunna

4. Gunna’s dream collaboration would’ve been Marvin Gay—’cause he’s an industry icon nobody would’ve expected him to work with.

Gunna Button Up Shirt

5. He’s always had a passion for fashion.  Even before he could afford designer threads and bling, Gunna paid close attention to what was hot and what was about to drop.  Now that he’s got money, he’s in the mall every other day and always online, looking for the next purchase.  What he likes most is that you can dress to feel a certain way.

Gunna Orange Lambo Truck

6. These days, he tries not to listen to other rappers because, as he told DJ Envy on The Breakfast Club, “If you keep listening to them, you gonna start sounding like them.”

Gunna Selfie

7. Gunna is signed to Young Thug’s YSL Records.  YSL stands for Young Stoner Life.  It’s a division of 300 Entertainment, which is a much larger label that creates music across multiple genres, such as hip-hop, electronic, rock, pop, alternative and country.

Gunna Leopard Coat

8. Gunna wants to have his own clothing line and shoe line one day.

Gunna Ferrari Cash

9. His process for creating new music is entirely based on feel.  In an interview with Forbes, he said: “I don’t write.  It’s just a vibe.  When I pull the beat up, I don’t even record in the booth.  I record in the studio room because I feel like when I leave the room and go to the booth, I leave the vibe.  Because I’m in love with the vibe.  Whoever in the room with me, they gon’ feel the beat just like I feel it.  It’s energy.  When I’m rapping I just say how I feel.”

Gunna Balcony

10. If Gunna could only eat one food for the rest of his life, it would be crispy hot wings sprinkled with lemon pepper.

Gunna Mountains

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