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Ricky Gutierrez Net Worth, Cars, Criticism

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Ricky Gutierrez is known for using lifestyle marketing to sell his Learn Plan Profit day trading course.

Ricky Gutierrez’s parents are from Mexico. They immigrated to the U.S. when Ricky was just a few years old. His dad started a general contractor business, and would lay tile and do countertops. Starting at the age of five or six, on the weekends, Ricky would have to wake up at 4 a.m. and go do manual labor with his dad all day. He hated every minute of it.

At age 14, Ricky started a “fingerboard” hustle with some friends. (Think mini wooden skateboard you “ride” with your fingers, mimicking maneuvers you’d do on a real skateboard.) Over time, his friends lost interest and stopped helping, but a few years later, Ricky was making a few grand a year doing this all by himself.

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He saved up every penny he made and began looking for ways to make money online. He came across an article about a guy who’d made a fortune supposedly trading penny stocks. So Ricky opened a custodial account and proceeded to lose his entire bankroll from the fingerboard biz.

He was down but not out. He opened up a simulation account and began trading with fake money, determined to prove to himself that he could be one of the few that could day trade profitably. On the side, Ricky and his cousin did basic arbitrage on eBay and Amazon: find products, buy ’em for cheap, resell ’em for more.

From 18 to 22, Ricky worked part-time as a telemarketer, pulling down about $50 grand a year. He was also taking college classes at Arizona State University and still dabbling in day trading as well as real estate investing. Yes, Ricky was busier than a funeral home fan in July.

Ricky Gutierrez Trader

Ricky Gutierrez has a fast car, wants all the smoke.

After ASU, Ricky went full-force with stocks. He created TechBud Solutions, a networking group with over 220,000+ entrepreneurs and investors. Through his popular YouTube channel, he makes videos teaching others how to get started with day trading and swing trading. On Instagram, he posts plenty of pictures and video clips of him tearing around in various supercars he’s owned, such as a McLaren 720s, Porsche GT3RS, 4 Nissan GT-R, McLaren Mp4-12C, Audi R8, Corvette Z06, BMW M3, and many more.

Sources say he makes as much as $40,000 a month just from YouTube ad revenue and brand sponsorships. Course sales surpass that, bringing in an estimated $70,000 per month. Sprinkle in affiliate marketing, apparel, and whatever he actually makes from trading, and Ricky Gutierrez is easily a multi-millionaire. We’re pretty confident his net worth is in the neighborhood of $4 million dollars.

Impressive, but has he ruined his reputation in the process? Critics call Ricky Gutierrez a scammer. They say he majorly exaggerates the amount he makes from trading and that his wealth has been built by “selling suckers the dream.” Personally, I’m torn. If you watch his “day in the life” video below, he seems knowledgeable and trustworthy enough. Yet, it’s kinda like that Tai Lopez thing, where the life he’s selling you didn’t come from what he teaches in his course; it came from selling the course. What do you think?

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