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Reaction: Zak Folkman’s “Nobody Cares” Facebook Ad

Ecomm Hacks Masterclass Cars

The good, bad and fugly of this Ecomm Hacks ad… by bearded bro, Zak Folkman.

Here’s the text that went with it:

Struggling to earn a six-figure living online?

Here’s an important lesson my mentor told me early on…

Nobody cares

Seems harsh, but it’s true.

All of the most successful entrepreneurs know the question that should be asked is…

What do customers care about?

Because if a store can provide (potential) customers with something they want…

Whether it satisfies a desire or solves a real problem…

Will cause folks to pay a premium

Here’s a perfect case in point…

I sell hair extensions.

Did I know anything about hair extensions when I started selling them?


Yet people pay me every single day for my hair extensions…

… to the tune of $10,000+ !!

See, people buy hair extensions from me…

But what they really want is long beautiful hair.

So that’s how I position my products…

“These hair extensions are your best-kept secret for long, beautiful hair without the stress.”


“Struggling to grow hair long & healthy?  Try this instant, hassle-free solution!”

I make the benefits of the product relevant to my customer.

This is why people click and buy from my store even if they’ve never heard of it before.

Because when there is a SHIFT in perspective…

And all of the energy is put into executing a SIMPLE, REPEATABLE system that successful entrepreneurs have already spent millions of dollars perfecting, a beautiful thing happens…

Everything falls into place… the bank account gets BIGGER even FASTER… there is MORE TIME on your hands… Relationships grow STRONGER… There’s FREEDOM to help those you love…

Life becomes everything it was supposed to be.

People look at me now and think I’ve never worked a hard day in my life…

I wish I could say it’s true.

I’ve had as many ups and downs as any other entrepreneur…

There’s one important difference why I’m still standing!

I call it my Backwards Branding method.

It’s the “secret” for my high success rates when it comes to building wildly profitable ecommerce stores.

I focus on making sales FIRST and then I build the brand second.


  • Building a personal security brand after selling thousands of safe alarm keychains
  • Building a brand for dog lovers after selling millions of pet seat belts
  • Building a home accessories brand after selling over dozens of attachable bidets
  • Building a health & beauty brand after selling millions of tubes of scar cream

When you focus making sales first, you avoid unprofitable products from the start…

And instead, you build your entire business around winning, already-proven viral products from the start (without any expensive trial and error).

I basically took the conventional “drop shipping” ideology and made it flawless.

I’m talking about:

  • Local U.S. suppliers = fast, reliable shipping
  • Wide 50-80% profit margins
  • No inventory or storage facilities
  • Lots of happy & loyal customers promoting your brand

Because back when I lost everything, simple dropshipping techniques worked.

In fact, that’s how I got back on track.

There’s only ONE problem:

Times have changed.

Anyone still relying on traditional drop shipping methods will be out of business before the year is up.

Mark my words.

Consumers have already caught on.

Selling cheap products from China with 1-2 month shipping times won’t cut it.

So here’s what I propose:

If building a profitable online business from DAY ONE — even if without a SINGLE investor, NO computer skills and NO experience sounds good, then what I’m about to say will sound great:

I created a FREE workshop that reveals the exact process we used to grow our latest ecommerce store to $200,000+/mo from a single product.

I’m going to show you everything you need to replicate this for yourself — including the exact products we’re selling and the ads we’re using to do it.

The best part is…

Anyone can do it.  No matter who you are or where you are.

When you learn from experts who have seen traditional drop shipping evolve with the times, you’ll love the confidence you have when you’re building your store.

And you’re going to enjoy the financial perks of this booming industry when you do it right and start generating consistent sales every single day.

The six-figure business I’m going to show you in this free presentation started from a single product found by my outsourced employee in Bosnia.

When you watch this FREE workshop, you’ll discover:

  1. How to setup a $10,000 per day online store in less than 15 minutes
  2. The ONE beauty product that’s doing over $200K per month in sales like clockwork
  3. The exact Facebook Ad campaigns I’m using to profitably acquire thousands of new customers every single day
  4. How Jeremy took a break from his full-time job as a real estate agent and sold $10,000 worth of dog beds in his FIRST week
  5. The unexpected decision that led Brandon to earning over $2MM during what would have been his freshman year of college
  6. How to build a profitable business from DAY ONE (people are getting customers with little to no startup money)

The people that have gone through this training have literally gotten results on their first try in only DAYS and WEEKS.  Here are some of their results:

  • Brandon was fresh out of high school when he used his college tuition money to start an online and sold over $2 million of products in his first year
  • Sarah quit a comfortable, but boring office job after tripling her annual income — surpassing $210,00 in sales in just 7 months
  • Derrick had ZERO knowledge about ecommerce, and within a month he had deals for his CBD product with major companies like Whole Foods, Bacardi, No Frills, and more
  • Daniel followed the simple step-by-step system and doubled his money on his FIRST attempt at running Facebook ads
  • Arush did $140,000 last month in sales and is on track to double his sales this month
  • Nicole turned her baking hobby into an online business and added $3,200/mo to her monthly income

And many other members have literally left with NEW paying customers time and time again by implementing exactly what they’ve learned THAT DAY.

It’s free to watch the masterclass event, but it’s ONLY for entrepreneurs and business owners that are SERIOUS about investing in themselves and their businesses so they can take action and GET RESULTS.

If this sounds like you, I would love to see you on the FREE workshop!

*** You have my permission to literally swipe everything you see in this presentation and try it for yourself ***

You can join ecommerce success here:

→ https://www.ecomm-hacks.com/masterclass

Alright, let’s tap this keg, shall we?

As usual, I’ll start with the image portion of the Facebook ad.

So the picture?  Yeah.  Zak went full-douche.  “Cool cars, brah.”  But as much as you and I hate it, it works.  Lifestyle marketing gets attention.  Period.  So I can make fun of him and admit it’s a solid ad image at the same time.  (And I will, thank you very much.)

Next, I like the pattern interrupt with the “Nobody Cares” bit at the beginning of the hype-y headline.

A subheadline like: “Full story, above,” could help.

Domain’s fine.  Button’s fine.

Now… in terms of body copy?

Few things:


Why say “8 Figs” in the headline, only to open with, “Struggling to earn a six-figure living online?”  (Hi, Consistency – I don’t believe we’ve met.)


“Nobody cares,” should’ve been the very first sentence.  Shorter, more slippery… get ’em goin’ down that long-ass slide you built.


Good, conversational tone.  Props.


Solid formatting.  Bullets, emojis (which I removed) to break up the text.


Specific examples build some much-needed trust, so good job there, Folkman.


Thorough.  Again, respect.  Even most “long copy ads” are not complete arguments for taking the next step.  This one, I’d say, is.


Save the social proof for the landing page.  Nobody’s buyin’ that sh*t right there in the ad.  Too easy to fabricate.  Right idea, bad execution.


Clear, clickable call-to-action at the end – nicely done.


The major miss here… is Zak never fesses up: “Look, I know this sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.  And here’s why.”  Right?  Like, how many skeptics are reading this, goin’: “Gee, Zak, awfully nice of ya to invite extra competition against yourself and show a buncha strangers on Facebook how to get rich – for FREE – with no strings attached.”  (*Yank, yank.)  He could’ve pulled way more people off the fence and into his funnel with a simple: “I’ll admit: after the free masterclass, I’ll invite you to apply for my Ecomm Hacks mastermind – but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”  (See what I’m sayin’?)

All in all:

Strong effort.  And, based on the thousands of interactions it had, no doubt it’s a profitable campaign.  That said, with a few tweaks I mentioned, the ROAS could be bigger ‘n’ a dinosaur d*ck.  (Wink.)

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