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HaHa Davis Net Worth, Viral Catchphrases

Ha Ha Davis Sayings

Oh he smilin’ smilin’. This is beyond me.

Carlos Davis, better known online as HaHa Davis, grew up on the east side of Detroit. His dad was not in the picture. At times, neither was his mom, so his aunt helped to raise him. “So yeah, I definitely had a rough go at it,” he once told DJ Vlad in regards to his childhood.

HaHa played football in high school and at one point thought he could make it to the NFL, but poor grades and everybody saying he was too small made him give up on the idea.

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After graduating, HaHa took a job as a cook at KFC. He did that for three years. Then he worked as a cook at a Perkins restaurant at Cedar Point (which is like the Disney World of the Midwest). “One thing I know how to do is fry some chicken,” HaHa laughed. “Yeah, I’ll throw down on some chicken. That’s easy.”

In 2012, HaHa started messing around, making videos with his homies. They said, “Man, knock it off, that sh*t is corny.” Lucky for us, he didn’t listen. By 2013, HaHa had a police skit go viral. But then his page got hacked and all of his content got deleted.

So he dusted himself off and started over, uploading random videos for another two or three years before ever making a dime. Finally, in 2016, that changed. Brands noticed the splash HaHa was making on social media and began offering him small sponsorship deals.

But it wasn’t until HaHa got some business advice from an unlikely source that he started making real money: “Snoop told me, he said, like, ‘Don’t get the fame before you get the money,’ and I ain’t know what he meant—till I had four million followers, but not four million dollars,” he recalled.


I ain’t never eva seen you act like this! GUARD!

So HaHa got more business-like. It took some time, but the checks started getting bigger. Then one day Chance the Rapper slides into his DMs. Chance said he was a fan of HaHa and wanted to fly him out to Atlanta to meet up. They hit it off and next thing ya know, HaHa’s tagline, “You don’t want zero problems, Big Fella,” was on the intro to Chance’s Grammy Award-winning song, “No Problem.”

Cosigns from other big-name celebrities like Gucci Mane, Tom Brady, and Kevin Hart elevated HaHa’s career even more. He then stepped out from behind Instagram—and onto the stage—to try his hand at stand-up. “This finna be a breeze!” he thought. Only, it wasn’t. HaHa bombed his first few appearances and realized he had a lot to learn. So he found a mentor, started studying the craft, and continues to improve every time out.

Along the way, HaHa’s scored a few small movie roles as well. He’s got a clothing line. Candy bar. He’s worked a little with Comedy Central. The list goes on. Add it all up and several sites list HaHa Davis’ net worth at $1 million dollars. Not that you care, but here’s my favorite HaHa Davis skit to date. “Gun man, gun man, yeah that’s meee.”

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