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Derek Halpern Net Worth

Derek Halpern

Derek Halpern net worth: Derek Halpern is an internet marketer with an undisclosed net worth.

Although Derek keeps his income private, we know his Social Triggers blog is easily a multimillion dollar business – and has been for years now.  With an email list of 300,000 strong and a reach of 5.3 million, the guy kills it with affiliate promotions, online courses, software sales, and public speaking.

All things considered, I’d guess Derek Halpern is worth no less than $10 million.  Yes, it’s a guess.  (What?  You came here for a number, didn’t you?  I can’t send you away empty-handed.)

Anyways, let’s look at how Derek made his millions and see if we can’t borrow a couple of key ideas.

Derek Halpern net worth lessons

Success leaves clues

In college, Halpern came across a celebrity gossip blog.  When he saw they were charging $1,000 per week for advertising, he thought to himself, I can do thatAnd so he did.

And by the time he graduated college in 2006, Halpern was making enough money blogging about celebs, he didn’t even need a job.  In a single month, he was pocketing as much as $20,000.  Not bad for a 22 year old with no experience.

Now, not feeling great about making fun of famous people for a living, Halpern would later outsource that blog and move on.  First, by taking a job in Corporate America; then consulting for a software company.

But damn.  Unlike most people, Derek took the cliche “success leaves clues” and did something with it.  And that something made him a very nice living.

My point?  With the internet, especially, it’s SO simple to see what’s working.  And how.  And then go and model it, but put your own spin on it.

Wait.  I know what you’re thinking.  But you’re wrong.

Yes, there’s more competition today than when Derek did this 11 years ago.  But c’mon.  You’re still just one “I can do that” away from freedom.  And like Halpern says, stiff competition is the best indicator that there’s lots of money to be made.

With consistency comes legitimacy

This is one of my favorite quotes, by the way.  If you’re an internet marketer, you might wanna remember this one.

There’s so many opportunities online.  It’s easy to jump from one to the next – never seeing anything all the way through.

But if you look at top earners, they do.  They find a winning concept and stick with it for the long-haul.  Case in point: Derek Halpern’s Social Triggers, a blog that’s been loved on and promoted faithfully since early-2011.

Dude’s been “all in” on this project for nearly seven years (by the time you read this).  Meanwhile, Billy Blogger writes a post a day for seven days and wonders why he’s not a millionaire.

This is why it’s so important to study the greats, like Derek Halpern.  And pay attention to patterns.

I mean, what’d I just say about Gary Vaynerchuk the other day?  Long game, son.  Build a business that lasts a lifetime.  (Or six.)

Final words

You don’t need to know Derek Halpern’s exact net worth to be inspired.  He’s rich.  He’s earned it.  And you can learn a great deal from following him.

Remember the story of his celebrity gossip blog.  How many six, seven and eight-figure internet businesses do you suppose have been built doing just that – reverse engineering what works and doing the same thing, only better?  Too many to count… I’m sure.

And once you do that and create momentum, keep going.  Do not get distracted.  That business is your baby.  Parent it until it’s self-sufficient.  Once it’s fully mature, making millions of dollars, and you’ve got systems and processes and capable people in place?  Sure, go nuts.  Launch other startups.  Invest.  But not until.

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