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Jack Harlow Net Worth

Net Worth Of Rapper Jack Harlow

Jack Harlow net worth: Jackman Thomas “Jack” Harlow is a rapper with a net worth of roughly $1 million dollars.  Get to know him with the following 10 facts.

Jack Harlow Louisville

1. Jack Harlow’s birthday is March 13, 1998.  He hails from Louisville, Kentucky.

Jack Harlow Booth

2. As a toddler, his mom would play Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP in their minivan.  After that, it was Kanye West’s Late Registration.  He loved how you could live vicariously through their verses.

Jack Harlow Yellow Green

3. At 12, using a Guitar Hero mic and laptop to record, he and a friend created a CD called Rippin’ and Rappin’ and sold copies at school.

Jack Harlow Poppin

4. As a freshman, major music labels began reaching out after discovering him on YouTube.  He declined all deals at the time.

Jack Harlow Sweaty

5. During school breaks, Harlow would drive six hours to Atlanta to do open-mics and meet DJs and producers.

Before Money Jack Harlow

6. He graduated high school in 2016, skipped college and moved to Atlanta full-time.  It paid off.  Not long after, he signed with Generation Now and Atlantic Records.  He has since launched his own sub-label titled Private Garden.

Jack Harlow Downtown Denver

7. His song “Whats Poppin” blew up after a co-sign from DaBaby, followed by a performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Jack Harlow Rooftop

8. Harlow always dreamed of being the first big hip-hop artist from Louisville.  When Bryson Tiller beat him to it, he was jealous.  But he got over it and eventually they teamed up to create the single “Thru the Night.”

Jack Harlow Blue Hoodie

9. He believes in himself and plans to weave in and out of genres: “There are some times when it’s your duty to spit, but I already showed you that I can rap.  So guess what else I’m going to show you?  I can make some ear candy that you’re going to want to hear 100 times.  I can’t let anybody condition the type of music I’m making—I know what I’m going to do in the long run,” he told Billboard.

Jack Harlow Pound Hat

10. The first money he made he blew on designer threads.  Now he’s trying to be smart with it.  No supercar—yet, anyway.  His dad’s encouraging him to invest in real estate.  He looks up to Jay-Z’s business savvy, but is more interested in making his next hit than his next million.

Harlow Up Close

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