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Josh Harris Agency Growth Secrets (*I’m Triggered!)

Josh Harris Agency FB Ad

Josh Harris, head honcho over at Agency Growth Secrets, will show you how to “tap into a blue ocean” to grow your digital marketing agency. This, according to his latest FB ad. Before I review his offer, ya gotta see this:

Alright, back to Josh Harris. So what’s this new blue ocean thingy all about, right? Let’s find out. I’ll slide through his funnel and break it down for you.

Agency Growth Secrets Blue Ocean

After clicking Josh’s ad and opting-in, I got this email from him:


New Blue Ocean Bonus Agency Growth Course





Thanks for viewing my New Blue Ocean training.

Due to demand, I put up a replay you can watch here. The link to the bonus I promised is on that page.

If you haven’t already, go ahead and pick a time for us to talk so I can give you a customized growth plan.


Agency Growth Secrets
P.O. Box 10304
Largo, Florida 33773

Short and sweet. (*That’s what she said.) I clicked the link and was taken to the video training Josh promised:

Josh Harris 50K Per Month VSL

“Most agencies have no idea this platform even exists, and it’s filled with red-hot buyers with budgets,” Josh Harris starts out, in between flashing doctored-up screenshots.

Step one, he continues, is to tap into a blue ocean. Stop offering the same services to the same businesses in the same way. It’s saturated, slow, and expensive. At this point, I’m nodding my head, waiting for Josh to reveal what the blue ocean is, but he never does.

Step two, he says, is to keep your clients’ costs low and your margins high. So paid ads are out. They’re risky and techie and most prospects don’t have the budget for it. So it’s not SEO, it’s not paid ads—Josh, bruh, WTF is it?

Step three is to spend all your time closing clients and getting them results. Josh hints he has a software that speeds things up. And says Agency Growth Secrets are the only ones talking about this mysterious marketing strategy.

The fourth and final step, is to scale quickly. But because you and your agency are unique, Josh can’t share any specifics on how to do that. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, he says, before warning that trying to figure this out on your own could cost tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Then the video cuts to a testimony and asks you to book a call, but, “Be quick! Free spots are almost gone!” (Sure they are, Josh.)

Wow. That funnel was a skid mark in the underwear of my day. Just awful.

Let’s recap. Josh Harris revealed nothing. And wants us to believe he has this unicorn business model—for agencies—that no one else knows about. And it doesn’t involve free or paid traffic (huh?). And you need his software or your business is basically f*cked.

Also, Josh is such a good guy, that, rather than keep this all to himself? He’s spending money running Facebook ads to tell everyone about it. To un-blue the ocean, I guess.

Riiight. Got it. Makes total sense.

PS, hasn’t Josh switched his offer like five times in the last couple years? One month it’s Facebook ads. The next, it’s AI. Then big data. Done-for-you. Now it’s just… honestly, I don’t know. Hype? Nothingness?

Whatever that was… was a big step backwards for Agency Growth Secrets. For the opposite of that, click below.

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