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G Herbo Net Worth

How Much Money G Herbo Make

G Herbo net worth: Herbert Randall Wright III, who goes by G Herbo, is a rapper with a net worth of $2.7 million dollars.  Get to know him with the following facts.

G Herbo Old School

1. G Herbo was born on October 8, 1995 in Chicago, Illinois.  He dropped out of high school at 16.  He’s associated with N.L.M.B. (which stands for Never Leave My Brothers and No Limit Muskegon Boys).  It’s thought to be a division of Gangster Disciples.  G Herbo calls it a brotherhood, not a gang.

G Herbo Letter Jacket

2. He says Gucci Mane, Meek Mill and Jeezy are the rappers he looked up to the most growing up.  G Herbo is also good friends with fellow Chi Town rapper Lil Bibby, who he has collaborated with on numerous occasions.

G Herbo Studio Time

3. On stepping out of the streets and into the booth, he told the Chicago Tribune: “It was a matter of me growing up as a man and an artist, saying, ‘This is what I want to do.  You gotta make a sacrifice to focus 100% of my time on myself and my craft, and what I feel is going to get me to the next level.  Even if I’m just staying in the house, I just want to keep a clear mind and stay focused on what I want to focus on.  I had to make that decision in my head, I had to feel it first of all, I had to follow my intuition.  That’s where it led me to.”

G Herbo In The Streets

4. How did G Herbo get his name?  Well, if you’ll recall from above, his real name is Herbert Randall Wright III.  So him and his dad’s actual first name is Herbert.  And since his dad was known as Big Herb, naturally, he became known as Lil Herb as a youngster.  That name stuck till it was time to transition from a boy to a man; at which point, he added a G for general (as in leadership), and Herb became Herbo.  Hence G Herbo.

G Herbo New Album

5. He’s never had a real job.  Unless shooting dice or selling weed counts.  At Christmas, his mom would give him $100.  He’d go buy some Gigglesmoke, sell it, end up with $300 or so—and go get himself some new kicks.

G Herbo Smiling Wide

6. Early on, he got an unexpected shoutout from Drake (who called G Herbo and Lil Bibby “the future”) along with NBA legend Kevin Durant.  While he appreciated the love, it also freaked him out.  A Drake cosign, after all, comes with a lot of pressure.

G Herbo Blue Skies

7. His first big paycheck came when he was about 16—he got $40,000 cash and blew it all on clothes, “lean” and exotic car rentals.  Two months later, he was broke.  Herbo laughs it off these days, saying the whole experience taught him how to appreciate money.

G Herbo PTSD

8. G Herbo is giving back to the city of Chicago by helping to turn a former elementary school into a sports and arts center.  That way, neighborhood kids can come and spend their time doing something positive, while staying off the streets.

G Herbo Lights Up

9. G Herbo was arrested in February of 2018 for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, after authorities found him with a handgun loaded with rounds specifically designed to pierce body armor.  In April of 2019, he was arrested and charged with simple battery after he physically assaulted the mother of his child, Ariana Fletcher.  Herbo claimed she had stolen jewelry from his mother’s house.

G Herbo Girlfriend

10. G Herbo has a son, Yosohn, with ex Ari Fletcher.  In 2018, he began dating Instagram influencer Taina Williams.

G Herbo Kid

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