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Chris Heria Net Worth, The Real Story


Chris Heria poses outdoors with his neon green 28 lb. weight vest, which he sells for $139.99.

Chris Heria was born on December 21st, 1991, in Miami, Florida. As a kid, he spent most of his free time outside, soaking up the sun with friends, listening to music, just being active. He got into fitness at an early age and would work out at the park close to where he lived.

“After developing an arsenal of knowledge and experience of perfecting my craft, I came back home [after traveling the world, competing in various fitness competitions] to open the first calisthenics gym in Miami, [called] Calisthenics Academy,” Chris explained in one of his YouTube videos.

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Soon after, he expanded, opening locations all over the world. Chris recalls waking up to thousands of messages a day, from people raving about how his teachings had changed their life. Motivated to reach even more people, Chris launched Thenx.com, and began publishing video tutorials and programs to the website.

In 2016, he uploaded his first YouTube video. Shortly after, they developed a mobile app. Then apparel. Then a weight vest. And the list goes on. “We’ve come a long way,” Chris says. “We came from, literally, from nothing. The way that this company really started was just an idea. And I put all my thoughts and all my knowledge into something online. And then everything grew from there.”

It was pure passion. Chris never set out to become a multi-millionaire. He just wanted to share his sport with the world. To get people moving and engaging their bodies. “There’s a lot to keep me going every single day,” Chris said. “I just have so much to be grateful for. At one point in my life, a couple years ago, I had literally lost everything, ya know?”

Chris had some personal issues and briefly lost custody of his son. He was down and out, but in a way, calisthenics saved his life. He went all-in on training, filming content, learned to edit videos, cutting his teeth in business, and ultimately, turning it all around in short order.

Chris Heria Shirtless

Chris Heria flaunts his abs and body art.

His comeback taught him to believe in himself. To view life through rose-colored glasses. Now, when adversity strikes, he keeps a level head and looks for the opportunity. “Don’t ask for a lighter burden, ask for a stronger back,” is his motto.

“Time seems to be flying nowadays. Every day is something new. But it’s always filled with laughter. Fun. Friends. Passion. And love. When you love what you do, you don’t really work a day in your life. Even hard work is fun,” Chris said.

“I wanna use my story to show the world that nothing is impossible. You just gotta believe in yourself. Don’t worry about how it’s gonna happen. Or how everything could go wrong. Just think about how everything could go right. I’ve done a lot, but it’s still not over.”

Multiple websites list Chris Heria’s net worth at $4 million dollars. For more on Chris’ inspiring story and secrets to success, you should definitely check out the following video.

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