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Robert Herjavec Net Worth

Robert Herjavec Shark Tank

Robert Herjavec net worth: Robert Herjavec is an investor, entrepreneur, author, and a TV personality with a net worth of approximately $170 million dollars.

Herjavec was born in Croatia and grew up working on the family farm.  He eventually moved to Canada and attended University of Toronto where he got degrees in political science and English.

After college Robert worked as a director and film producer for a short time before selling IBM mainframe emulation boards (whatever those are) for a company called Logiquest.  Herjavec was underqualified, but he learned quick and worked his way up to general manager.

Not long after, he left Logiquest to launch BRAK Systems, which created internet security software.  Herjavec, like so many tech entrepreneurs we’ve written about, started this business from his basement.  AT&T didn’t care.  In 2000, they acquired BRAK Systems for a little over $30 million.

And Robert Herjavec was off to the races.  (Figuratively, but also literally.  The man races Ferraris, you know.)

Anyways, with a background in film and a knack for business, TV producers started asking Herjavec on reality shows about entrepreneurship and investing.  First, one called Dragons’ Den (up in Canada, eh?) and then ABC’s Shark Tank, which is where you probably know him from – the soft-spoken Shark.  But like he so famously warned in one of my favorite episodes, “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.”

Amen.  You don’t build a net worth like Herjavec’s without some serious strength behind you.

Today, Robert runs the Herjavec Group, which is ranked as the number one cybersecurity company in the world.

Robert’s also written numerous business books.  Most notably, Driven and The Will to Win.

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