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Ray Higdon Net Worth

Ray Higdon MLM

Ray Higdon net worth: Ray Higdon is a network marketing trainer, author, speaker and former #1 income earner with Numis.  His net worth is approximately $15 million dollars.

Ray’s entrepreneurial journey began in real estate.  He and a partner enjoyed a nice run from 2004 to 2008, until the market crashed.  He lost everything.

Next, he discovered network marketing.  But he was far from an overnight success.  Higdon failed in 11 different MLM companies before finding his stride.  When he finally did, things really took off.  In less than a year, he was pocketing as much as $60,000 per month.  Not long after, he became a millionaire.  Higdon would go on to become the top earner of that company (Numis, which merged with WorldVentures a few years later).

Eventually Ray got online and started sharing his story, along with tips and tactics he’d mastered in-the-trenches of network marketing.  Through his blog and social media channels, he robotically publishes helpful advice 6-7 days a week.  Years later, he’s reached millions of multilevel marketers and is one of the most respected leaders in that industry.

Naturally, Higdon began monetizing his massive following with information products, courses, live events, public speaking, and now coaching.

In February 2016, he sold his position in WorldVentures, citing the following reason for departure:

“The sole reason this difficult decision was made was out of congruency.  With the demand increasing for Ray and Jessica [his wife, also an MLM leader] to speak on different company stages and train other companies, it was no longer congruent to continue actively building a network marketing team.”

With that off his plate, Ray Higdon now focuses exclusively on education and training, helping network marketers “recruit more reps, get more leads, and become top earners in their company.”

And it appears to be going well.  In August 2016, Ray made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in the U.S., at spot #754.

Ray Higdon net worth lessons


The first takeaway from Ray’s road to millions is to never give up.  Ray could’ve easily thrown in the towel when the housing bubble burst.  He could’ve crawled back to the security of a day job.  He could’ve played victim.  No one would’ve blamed him.  But he didn’t.  Instead, Ray Higdon forced himself to put one foot in front of the other.  He kept taking action, no matter how bleak the future looked.


Higdon credits his willingness to adapt for much of his success.  By focusing on what he could control (his thoughts and actions) and forgetting about what he couldn’t (the economy or what Joe Schmo says), he became powerful.  You’ve got to be ready for whatever crazy curveballs life throws at you.


Ray’s secret sauce was a little-known “bible” that helped him get past the fear of rejection.  It was a book titled Go for No! and after reading it, Higdon found himself aiming for 20 nos per day.  As you can imagine, his skin thickened and he could go out and recruit without fear or anxiety.


Ray Higdon is just a good guy.  Everyone loves Ray.  But you can’t teach that.  You’re either a humble, big-hearted human being who means well; or you’re not.  On the other hand, you can become more influential by taking a page out of Ray’s book.  Model his consistency; his conviction; the way he tells his story; his vulnerability; and his confidence which comes from walking the walk.


Ray Higdon is a class act.  He’s built an impressive net worth in a notoriously difficult industry, without being slimy or sleazy.  There’s so much you can learn by studying the way this guy conducts business.  For me, his persistence is most inspiring.  Watching Ray show up every single day and serve his audience is something we should all strive for.

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