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Clients & Community’s #1 Strategy To Lock In High Ticket Clients

Landon Stapes High Ticket Clients

Clients & Community just retargeted me on Facebook, promising to reveal their number one strategy to land high ticket clients.

In case you missed it, my original Clients & Community review was pretty brutal. Let’s see if Landon, “Stapes,” and Jaden can win me back with this piece of content.

But first, I have a case study I’d like you to watch. (Just leave this page open if you don’t have time to sit through it right now. It’ll be worth coming back to, I promise.)

Cool, so I clicked Clients and Community’s ad, and landed on another one of their aesthetically-pleasing pages.

There, they call out their target audience (coaches and course creators who sell programs priced at $2k and up) and, assuming that’s you, ask if you’d like help growing your very own wildly profitable, client-getting Facebook group.

ClientsAndCommunity Case Study Page

If so, there’s a 29-minute case study with your name on it. I’ll watch it now and play devil’s advocate.

Landon opens by promising to reveal a methodology he and Stapes “invented” over the past seven or eight months, that has allowed them to blow up their business using FB groups.

As he goes over their monthly revenue, one thing jumps out: the only money they’ve made is by hawking Clients & Community.

And in the early days, Landon admits, they struggled to make sales and almost shut down the business. Let that sink in. They were selling a program on how to get clients but couldn’t get clients themselves.

But now that they can? You, too, should join and add to their rapidly-growing income. The embodiment of “fake it till ya make it.”

Does that sit well with you? And are you willing to do the same to get your course or coaching program to critical mass?

This month they’re on pace to gross $380,000. On paper, that’s impressive. What they don’t mention, however, is what that nets each of the three partners—Landon Stewart, Chris Stapleton, and Jaden Easton, who, oddly, is never in any of their videos.

Jaden Stapes Landon Cofounders

We know their payment processor takes 3% off the top. They likely pay phone closers 15% per sale. They have two employees—Justin Poulet (Client Concierge Manager) and Kristen Beyak (Executive Assistant). Say they both make $4k per month. Then there’s hosting, software, tools, and ad spend. Which could easily be $50k per month or more.

Based on my very rough math, and a few assumptions, each cofounder could pocket close to $80k this month. Uncle Sam obviously takes a big bite outta that.

Sprinkle in lifestyle marketing, luxurious tastes (leased supercars and distressed skinny jeans are not cheap!), live events where they blow God-knows-how-much… and each of these dudes could very well still be broke right now.

What’s my point? Don’t let that $380,000 month (assuming they’re even being truthful) pull the wool over your eyes. Sure, it’s respectable.

But it’s also the biggest month they’ve ever had, allegedly. And it’s only one month. They’d need to add to it and keep the pace up for 11 more months to even call themselves millionaires.

And say they do that. Still. Do you respect them?

It doesn’t seem as though they’ve made much (if any) money outside of selling you the system. A system that, up until recently, hardly worked.

Isn’t that what’s wrong with the industry? A bunch of kids who did a good enough job of pretending to be successful that they finally had one good month online, and now they’re ready to share their secrets with you for $7,000?

Onward. Landon spends the next 10-minutes ranting, albeit smoothly, about charging more money so you can A) run ads profitably and B) not break fulfillment by taking on fewer but better clients.

Landon is a good pitch man, I’ll give him that. Stapes? Not so much. He chimes in with an adorable cliché every now and then, but that’s about it. Jaden is still MIA.

As far as the process they “invented” to achieve all of this? You make a free Facebook group, run paid Facebook ads to grow it quickly, deliver value to the group, drive members to a phone call, and let your sales team do their thing.

For the record: no, they did not invent that. The OGs have been doing this for years. Oh, and speaking of taking credit for other people’s work, they essentially ripped this from Steve Hofstetter.

Landon And Stapes RipoffNothing personal, but based on what I’ve seen with Clients & Community, I would not recommend you book a sales call.

Go create a free Facebook group, invite people, and start posting. There, that’ll be $10k. You’re welcome. (*Elbow nudge.)

Better yet? Build a real business. Like our rank and rent model. Which you could probably also figure out on your own. But if you want extra support—plus software, tools, outsourcing options, and live events? We got you.

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